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The Showdown Between The Two Best Sweets of India

The Showdown Between The Two Best Sweets of India

Talks on Rasgulla or Barfi began when an unknown man stepped into the National Rasgulla Association and exclaimed, “Rasgulle nakli mithai hoti hai. Asli log Barfi khaatein hai.” These words, which were like heresy to the NRA members, were what pushed the world into chaos. This was the war that would come to be known as the deadly Rasgulla or Barfi War of the new age. Both are among the most loved sweets in the country. Thus, it has sparked many debates about which sweet is the superior one, Rasgulla or Barfi? Let’s go over the qualities of each mithai step by step:

1. Made from condensed milk compounds, “Barfi” is one of the most consumed mithai of the Indian subcontinent. Its name is derived from the Urdu word “barf,” which means snow.


2. Rasgulla, also known as Roshogolla, is a syrupy dessert popular as the Barfi. The syrup used is lightly cooked sugar syrup.


3. Barfis come in a variety of shapes and colours. Some have flours made using besan, while some have flours made using cashew nuts.


4. Rasgullas are ball-shaped dumplings made using chhena and semolina dough. The balls are then suspended in the sugar syrup.


5. These two sweets are so evenly matched that there isn’t a clear “more-selling mithai” of the two. Some websites report Rasgullas as the higher-selling sweet while some report Barfis.


6. The main ingredient for all Barfis is cardamom. Spice is used in all types of Barfi. Cardamom, along with rose water, enhances the scent and flavour of the Barfi.


7. Rasgullas also come in several variants. What’s more, the two same variants differ if they are from different regions. The state government of Bengal has pushed for the application of a Geographical Indicator for Rasgullas. The reason being Rasgullas from varied areas taste distinctive. “Rasgullas from Bengal and Orissa differ in colour, texture, taste, juice content and method of manufacturing,” said one government official.

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8. Sometimes, a thin layer of edible foil, known as vark, is applied on the top of the Barfi to make it more appealing to the eye. Moreover, this layer of metal is not at all dangerous for human consumption and for the environment.


9. Some people opine that eating Rasgullas is a messy activity as “the syrup can trickle down your chin.” However, some people prefer the savoury aspect of Rasgullas over the dry mouthfeel of Barfis.


All in all, it is next to impossible to try to prove one mithai superior to the other. Rasgulla or Barfi– both are historical & cultural icons of our country with their own strong and weak points. In the end, it all boils down to personal preferences. Which one do you prefer? Rasgulla or Barfi? Do let us know.

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