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The Top 10 Painting Schools

The Top 10 Painting Schools


Paintings are one of the most aesthetical forms of expression, and as much as they are a treat to eyes, they require passion, patience, and persistence.

This section is for passionate painters, as it covers the list of best Top 10 Painting Schools in the World.

  1. Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut, United States)

Founder: James Pierpont

Founded: October 9, 1701

Fees: $57,700

  1. Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, Rhode Island , United States)

Founder: Helen Metcalf

Founded: 1877

Fees: 50,960 USD 

  1. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illionis, United States)

Founder: Louis Sullivan

Founded: 1866 

Fees: 49,310 USD

  1. Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, Maryland, United States)

Founder: Lucas Brothers – office supply company

Founded: 1826

Fees: 48,630 USD

  1. Columbia University (New York City, New York, United States)

Founder: George II 

Founded: May 25, 1754

Fees: 59,430 USD

  1. University of California (Westwood, Los Angeles, United States)

Founder: Edward Augustus Dickson, Ernest Carroll Moore

Founded: 1919

Fees: In-state 13,226 USD, Out-of-state 42,218 USD

  1. Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, Virginia, United States)

Founder:  Medical Department Of Hampden–Sydney

Founded: 1838

Fees: In-state 14,493 USD, Out-of-state 35,834 USD

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  1. Bard College (Annandale-on, United States)

Founder: John Bard

Founded: 1860

Fees: 54,680 USD

  1. California Institute of the Arts (Santa Clarita, California, United States)

Founder: Walt Disney, Roy O. Disney

Founded: 1961

Fees: 49,276 USD

  1. CUNY–Hunter College (New York City, New York,  United States)

Founder: Thomas Hunter

Founded: 1870

Fees: In-state $6,930 per year; Out-of-state $18,600 per year $620 per credit USD (Full-time Students)

What makes these institutions considered to be the best are their quality equipment, master teachers, space to express creativity, and the ingenious crowd.

Thus, if you are someone passionate about paintings, then jump into any of the above aesthetic furnaces of art, and let them burn you until you step out like a jewel of a painter!

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