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Thriller Books for Marketing and Sales To Jazz Up Your Skills!

Thriller Books for Marketing and Sales To Jazz Up Your Skills!



If you love an adventurous venture, here are 7 thriller books for marketing and sales to begin jazzing up marketing with a thrill-filled knack!



Have you wondered about mixing a thrilling action to your marketing strategy to earn your customer? The composition of different genres will lead you to learn more tactics and mend your ways in the marketing industry. “Toh fir kuch thrilling ho jaaye market mein aaj!”



Let us hit the market by reading some thriller books for marketing and sales:



1. Dalal’s Street by Anurag Tripathi

“Profit Dikhta hai, toh har koi jhukta hai.” – Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story

      Dalal Street is well known for the street where it lays down financial institutions with the biggest stock market house: Bombay Stock Exchange.

      The financially thrilling book depicts the story of cunning graduate friends who are greedy for both money and success. Will they survive in the high-paced stockbroking era?

       All the “market-keedas” will learn about behind the scenes and how share-bazaar works.

      Out of 212 pages, a page consists of all the jargons used in the book and their meanings.

      Remember- Everything has its dark side too.

      The book is available on Amazon for Rs. 229.



2. The Marketing Code by Stephen Brown

“Decode the marketing code to achieve the success.”

      To get the most out of the marketing books, this is one of the must-read books that gives you insight into 21st-century marketing tactics.

      The book also lays down the basic guidelines for how a marketer can survive in a high-tech marketing world.

      The author has set a thrilling story by killing smoky circumstances in the business world.

      You will get the book at Amazon for Rs. 440.



3. The Vinci Code by Dan Brown

“When history repeats itself with the help of winners and losers.”

      The book is all about the thrilling mystery of a murder. The body has left behind some strange signs.

      It also tells about the analytical strategies and cruelty to mould the clues.

      The mind behind the crime scene is a super-powerful character, and some parts are alarmingly booming.

      The plot is such that curiosity marketing came into existence and became impactful when a challenging campaign was raised with Google for launching purposes.

      The book is available on Amazon for Rs. 248.



4. Don’t Tell the Governor by Ravi Subramaniam

“Jab governor decide karta hai toh pura desh hil jaata hai.”

      The author has scripted recent financial events like demonetisation, match-fixing cases, Indian sector banks, etc.

      Learn how newly appointed governor Aditya Kesavan is deliberately pushed into the black hole of money-laundering scams.

      The governor finds that the government is troublesome. Being on the most powerful seat, how will he survive in such a black market?

      Available on Amazon for Rs 215.



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5. Fraudster by R.V. Raman

When everything goes at stake. Like Too.”

      The book revolves around many suspicious acts like corruption, greed, hatred, etc.

      The murder mystery of a banker and suicide by an employee. The hackers want something more than hacking the server of the company.

      The thriller mind of a fraudster will give goosebumps after reading 289 pages.

      Available on Amazon for Rs 290.



6. The Psychology of Selling: Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

      Author Brian Tracy gives you some glimpses of ideas, methods, and some development tips on marketing.

      The author has told about thrill-filled visualisations on various marketing strategies to opt for marketers for more sales. This is also done for higher scalability in the market.

      Available at Amazon for Rs 1000



7. Killing Marketing by Joe Pulizzi

      The author has set out the framework for marketers to turn their marketing costs into profitable revenues.

      Create products that are valuable to customers.

      Hear from your customers about the present and what they expect from your brand.

      Available at Amazon for Rs 1,304.



These thriller books for marketing and sales are recommended for you to kill the old ways and apply new strategies to earn more than expected profits in your fields!

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