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Throwball : “Ball Ko Chhoona Mana Hai!”

Throwball : “Ball Ko Chhoona Mana Hai!”


Throwball all started in Chennai in the 1940s. It is also believed that the rules for the game were penned down in 1955 by the highest governing body International Throwball Federation.

Called the only women’s game in Madras, in 2017, both the men and women teams won the gold at World Games in Nepal.

  1. Objective Of Throwball
  • Catch the ball without dropping it on the floor of the court.
  • Throw the ball to the other team without touching your body
  • The other name of the game is a non-contact game.
  1. Throwball Equipment With Specifications
  • The game has a spherical-shaped ball weighing 400 to 450 grams. It should have the outer cover made from either leather or rubber. 
  • The game is played on a court larger than the volleyball court of size 18.30 meters × 12.20 meters.
  • The height of the net is 2.2 meters. 
  • The jerseys worn by the players should have visible chest numbers printed from 1 to 12.
  • There is a box known as the neutral box placed 1.5m from the middle of the court.
  1. Rules of Throwball
  • The age of the players should be 14 and above for the championships.
  • The game has 2-teams, each consisting of 9 players along with 3 substitutes. Less than 7 players are not allowed.
  • The team is placed in the opposite direction across the net.
  • Each player should abide by all the rules and regulations strictly.
  1. How To Play Throwball?
  • After a toss, the game resumes. The captain of the team decides either the side/service.
  • The players have to stand in the order of 3 players in each row of three. Each player has to shift after each game in Z form.
  • Post whistle by the referee, the player has to serve using palm within 5 seconds.
  • Player catching the ball with both hands must throwback using one hand, without touching the ball with any body part.
  • If the ball gets slipped, another player can throw the ball without allowing the ball to bounce on the floor.
  • The team that loses the ball will lose the point too.
  1. Scoring In Throwball
  • The game has 3-sets, each consisting of 15 points. The team winning 2-sets wins the game.
  • If both teams win 1 set each, then the third set is played by 8 points.
  • If both the teams score 14 points each, then the game is continued until one of the teams leads the other.
  • The player can ask for a time-out. It lasts for 30 seconds for the rest or a break during the match.
  1. Throwball Championships & Tournaments
  • National Throwball Championship organised by Throwball Federation of India
  • Invictus 2020
  • Hyderabad Throwball School League
  • Gloranza 2020
  • Ranbhoomi 6.0
  • Junior National Throwball Championship
  1. Some Indian Key Players of Throwball
  • Poornima P
  • Greeshma Reddy 
  • M. Deepika
  • Jagat Singh Chauhan
  • Krupa G P
  • P. Jagan Mohan
  • Krishna Induja
  • Greeshma Reddy

To your knowledge: India had its first Indian National Championships in 1980.

Go and be sporty to get your hands on Throwball!

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