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It is not even funny how once kids arrive, your life changes completely–you are not Netflix and chilling the weekend, you are running errands and out discussing in a grocery store lane which is the best cereal for the kid. And when they grow a little into a toddler and now that they have learnt a new word “NO!!!!”, they use it everywhere it’s convenient especially when it comes to their food.

To help you with this, here is a list of toddler foods that your child will not only like but also 


1. Indian toddlers adore khichdi, a mushy rice-and-lentil-based dish because it’s easy to swallow, while parents love that it includes just about every food group a growing child needs.

Here is a simple khichdi recipe, so give it a try.

2. Moong Dal Sprouts Chilla: This will give your kid all the protein they need. 

Check out this recipe by none other than Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, it’s healthy and it’s tasty.

3. Suji Veg Upma: This is a very healthy option. Vegetables add all the nutrients to the dish. 

Check out this recipe.

4. Aloo Matar Parantha: Aloo ka parantha is we all know what it is ut have you had aloo-matar parantha, if not do prepare it at home

5. Cheesy Veg sandwich: This is definitely a good breakfast option. Add all vegetables you have at home and cheese of course adds to the taste which your kids will love. 

Here’s a cool recipe for you, don’t forget to try it at home.

6. Rava Idli: I know all kids are not South-Indian food fans but if they don’t try they will never know. You can also have a sambhar preparation to go with idli it will add to the dish. 

Here is a quick recipe for you.

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7. Besan Parantha: Now this is something new in the market. Not only kids, but even the parents are also sure to enjoy it. 


8. Suji Toast: This is a big hit with parents. Add all vegetables to make it healthy and appetizing. 

Here’s a recipe for you.

9. Vermicelli pulao: This is a great lunch box option for kids. 

Super healthy and tasty.

So now we have a whole list of food options to choose from, kids will not only enjoy eating but also receive all the nutrients they need to keep them happy. 

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