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Toddler Samajh Ke Underestimate Matt Karna!

Toddler Samajh Ke Underestimate Matt Karna!

Toddler, Baby

A toddler is a baby of 12-36 months. These cuties can make you smile hard and cry even harder. Kyunki bacho ko sambhalna is not a bacho vala task. As the term itself suggests, “Toddler” is a kid who is still learning to walk and thus is unsteady in their steps.

Years in which one is a Toddler is a crucial time-period for emotional, mental and physical development. A parent must have proper knowledge about the phases of growth to nourish them profoundly according to their requirements: naa kum, naa zyada. This is how you can take care of your toddler as they grow a little more each day:

Physical Growth

  • Special care should be given to the growth and size of their muscles.
  • The weight of a toddler should be triple than their weight at the time of birth.
  • The circumference of the head should be equal to that of the chest.
  • There should be a proper balance between the weight and height of toddlers.
Toddler, baby smile

Gross Motor Development

  • Toddlers need to develop large muscles that are primarily used in walking, running, jumping and climbing.
  • A toddler should know to flip the pages of a book with the movements of muscles.
  • These new and tiny-humans on Earth often try to stand by pulling, stretching their arms up, holding the edges.
  • Small exercises, like, banging two blocks together, and sitting down without support, can help toddlers with their development.

 Fine Motor Skills

  • Yes, you want your baby to grab your nose, then focus on their fine motor skills and make them able to control their small muscles.
  • A toddler should know how to point out things with index fingers.
  • There’s fun and also an important activity that parents can implement. A toddler can start imitating animal voices. This reflects back on cognitive development. 
  • Toddlers should start feeding themselves, drawing and manipulating their surroundings like your pados-wali-aunty.
Gross Motor Development

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 Hearing & Speech

  • “Mumma bolo, Mumma…”: a toddler can have clear speech only when they are involved in interactive exercises.
  • Not only speaking but hearing is also an integral part of the growth of a toddler.
  • A toddler should respond to his/her name.
  • Simple commands like “No” and “Yes beta” must be understood.


  • At a young age, vision starts building up and keeps on increasing.
  • You should keep an eye on the proper vitamin intake of your baby. It is an essential diet for the vision of your baby.
  • A 4-month toddler is not able to move his/her eyes between two images.
  • A toddler develops depth perception till month five. He/she can calculate that the object is nearer or farther.

Social Interaction

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  • Toddlers should be engaged in different social activities, including playing with their parents.
  • See, life would play with them later on, so let them play now instead!
  • Let them have their favourite person or toy around them that would reflect proper emotional and social interaction.
  • Even we all hate tantrums, but bache ke toh uthane padenge. Remember, it is a healthy and positive sign of social growth if your toddler has an attitude, throwing tantrums on you.

Potty Training

  • One of the necessary tasks of being a parent is to teach toilet etiquettes to toddlers.
  • Toddlers should know how to have anal and urine control.
  • They should also know how to undress themselves to avoid spoiling their clothes.
  • You can take them along with you in the loo and make them understand and learn the whole process.
Potty Training

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Be a smart-parent and nurture your baby accordingly! They do not become quiet when someone asks them beta aapki nose kaha h? Good food with some exercises would aid and boost your toddler’s growth.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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