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Top Ten Most Followed Female Fitness Models on Instagram

Top Ten Most Followed Female Fitness Models on Instagram


The following are the 10 most famous Instagram Female Fitness Models, who not only make your jaw-drop by their exceptional physique but their passion-driven energy and unstoppable progress.

When it comes to fitness modelling, everything turns serious, aesthetic, and passionate. We are lucky that in the modern world, we have platforms like Instagram, to splash our passion out and let the world recognize us. 

Let it decide whether it's right or wrong, worth appreciating or rebuking–for the artists, be it a writer or a fitness model, just care about her enthusiasm and ambition.

  1. Sommer Ray – Just in her 20s, she is the leading, most followed fitness model with 24.4 million followers. She started her journey at the age of 15 by lifting weights and also winning two state bikini athlete championships.

  2. Michelle Lewin – Started her modelling career with a catwalk but decided to move into bikini modelling, Lewin is from Venezuela and has 13.6million followers.

  3. Jen Selter – With 12.8 million followers, she amongst those female fitness models who began working out at the age of 15. While holding a front-desk job at a local gym, she also runs her fitness program and posts before-and-after shots of her clients.

  4. Ana Cheri – 33-year-old fitness model with Native American, Latin, and Caucasian heritage, Cheri launched her own activewear clothing line and owns a gym with her husband. She has 12.5 million followers.

  5. Kayla Itsines – With 12.2 million followers, an Australian personal trainer and influencer, Kayla is also the author of an eBook: Bikini Body Guides. She also has her own fitness app: Sweat with Kayla.

  6. Anllela Sagra – With 11.5 million followers, Sagra started her career as a fashion model but soon transformed into a more muscular one by winning multiple bikini competitions.

  7. Tammy Hembrow – Australian fitness model and Instagram mommy blogger, Hembrow have 10.9 million followers. She started with pre and post-pregnancy pictures and also has her own brand, Saski Collection.

  8. Eva Andressa – Having 5.5 million followers, Eva is the winner of several bikini competitions guided by her husband, Jardel Barros.

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  9. Julia Gilas – Born in Ukraine in 1985 but moved to the US in 2009 to pursue her dream of being a model, Gilas today has 4.9 million followers.

  10. Paige Hathaway – An American YouTuber, Hathway sponsored by Shredz and is now with Gymshark, having a net worth of $2.5million and 4 million followers on Instagram.

These were the top ten most followed female fitness models, whom you can be inspired from on a day-to-day basis, by following them, if you haven't already.

They do not just inspire sports and fitness freaks, and many passionate women of the world but also keep many men on their knees, when it comes to their field and fitness.

So, if you are stuck, go, see them grow, be encouraged, and begin practising!

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