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9 Toys for Cats That Will Make Your “Jungli Billi” Go Happy!

9 Toys for Cats That Will Make Your “Jungli Billi” Go Happy!


There is nothing sweeter than watching your little kitty play, have fun, and jump here & there–as it naturally should, and these 9 toys for cats would allot your pet the best moments of their lives!

  1. Catnip For Cats – An interactive toy that works in the same way as Tom and Jerry used to showcase. This toy usually comes in a pack of 3 colourful mice to induce predatory skills in cats. Just imagine the excitement of your kitten after seeing this toy in your home!

Available on – Pet Shop India, Petco, Amazon, Flipkart, Petsy

Price Range – Rs. 300 – Rs 4,500

2. Cat Scratcher and Couch – While it may seem like an awkward habit, scratching is beneficial for cats. It helps to keep the claw in a healthy space. This scratcher provides them with energetic activity. Well, on an optimistic note, this will also help your face and furniture from any injuries.

Available on – Whiskas, Amazon, Heads Up for tail

Price Range – Rs 500 – Rs 7500

  1. Wide Spring – One of the safest toys for your cats. Eco-friendly, this toy comes with colourful fabric. It will be a joy for you as well, as you would watch your little friend pouncing and indulging in a playful activity.

Available on – Chewy, Amazon, Flipkart, Goofy Tails 

Price Range – Rs 200 – Rs 2300 

4 . Maze and Puzzle Feeder – What better toy than this? As it let your pet do a two-in-one job. The product generally comes with a rectangular box. It has 3-5 compartments in them for beginners, intermediates and master cats. It’s always fun and joy knowing the smartness of your cat. If your cat can procure food from the box, be proud as you own not only cute but an intelligent pet.  

Available on – Catamazing, Chewy 

Price Range – Rs 1200 – Rs 8500 

5. Teaser Wand – Specifically designed to lure lazy cats in indulging in physical activity, the wand usually comes with a 36cm rod with a dangled Tiger tail. It is durable for pouncing and repetitive scrapes of the Cats. It can also be used to play within the indoor premises.

Available on – Amazon, Marshall Pet Zone 

Price Range – Rs 200 – Rs 1900

  1. Purr Pillow – A perfect place for your cat to transit time and take a rest. This one is not “only” an ordinary pillow but also plays sounds of ‘purrs’ whenever tickled or touched. If your pet has a habit of chewing cloaks or clothes, this one can act as an aid to you as well, then.

Available on Petstages, Petco, Amazon, Petsy 

Price Range – Rs 375 – Rs 2500

  1. Three Storey Toy For Cat – A hard-to-lose toy is also the most cat-friendly, that will not choke or gulp into your pet’s waterways. It has multi-tier rolling balls, having a direct impact on each other.

Available on – Petsutra, Heads Up for Tail, Dear Pet

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Price Range – Rs 350 – Rs 1800

  1. Interactive Laser Toy – Cats love chasing straight horizontal and vertical lines. This was the sole reason why this toy was ever invented. A unique feature of this laser toy is that it automatically turns off after 10- 15 minutes, reducing your headache to switch it off.

Available on Petsutra, Petsy

Price Range – Rs 350 – Rs 1900

  1. Wool ball – A classic distraction for needy cats that would leave your kitten engaged into it for long. The wool stitching remains intact even after numerous scratching by cats. Thus, the wool ball is an evergreen option: an affordable toy that keeps both your pocket and pet happy.

    Available on cart 2 India, Amazon

    Price Range – Rs 230 – Rs 2200

For the cats, playtime is not optional but has to be mandatorily included in their schedule. Why? Because of their natural predatory instincts. Playing with toys will make them feel active, stress-free, and close to getting involved in the hunting spree. Thus, interactive toys become a must! These toys for cats will make your life easier, while your pets life, healthier and happier!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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