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Track Car Inventions From The 1700s To 2020s

Track Car Inventions From The 1700s To 2020s



In the world of memes, a blog around car inventions reminds me of, “arey! bete tum to bade heavy driver ho…!” But honestly, if you’ll ask those who love cars, “cars are not just cars–these babies are sukoon-mayi bhawna for many.” Aur sache deewane jaankari puri rakhte hai! So, here’s the timelines of car inventions from the 1700s to the 2020s.



As everyone knows that with the advent of technology, cars became the perfect replacement for bullock carts. Today, the Ford Model T was the first affordable car produced by Ford Motor Company (from 1 October 1908 to 26 May 1927). It was ranked in the top 10 most sold car models (by 15 million units).


“Ab toh car inventions ke baare mein jaan-na banta hi hai boss!”



The History Of Car Inventions


1. 1700s – 1900s

      In 1769, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Tap created a steam-powered tricycle. However, it was a failure due to problems in the water supply.

      In 1801, Richard Trevithick built his demonstration car named Puffing Devil. But due to many problems, it couldn’t make it to the mainstream.

      In 1881, Gustave Trouvé, the French Inventor, created the first three-wheeled car powered by the International Exposition of Electricity.

      Karl Benz patented the first gasoline-powered motor car in 1886 named “Motorwagen,” invented in Mannheim, Germany. It was the birth of the modern automobile.

      In 1896, Benz designed his first internal-combustion flat engine, named the Boxer Motor. Benz became the first company to produce the most number of cars until the 19th century.

      In 1898, Renault launched the first car and did a powerpack entry in the car market.



2. 1900s-1950

      In 1902, companies like Cadillac, Ford, and Winton, gave their appearance in the automobile market.

      In 1903, France started producing 30.000 units, almost half the world population.

      In 1922, the first single body car was created by Lancia Lambda.

      In 1948, technological advancements reached a new level.



3. 1950-2000

      In 1950, speed and horsepower became the trend for car lovers. Sporty designs were shipped all over the world.

      In 1960, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) was introduced in the market.

See Also

      In 1966, Lamborghini Miura was the first supercar with 280km/h top speed.

      In 1988, due to safety concerns, the company started using airbags in cars.



4. 2000-Present

      In 2000, Mapping Mobility Navigation Systems were introduced to track your vehicle.

      In 2002, Reverse Cameras were introduced in cars for reverse parking.

      In 2014, Tesla advanced their technology and introduced the First Autopilot Technology in Model S.

      Experiments cannot be stopped! And so do the continuous development in the world of technologies.



Money may not buy happiness, but ab roi karna hai toh Jaguar mein karlo rather than on a bus. Haina? So, no matter what, work hard and grab one of those car inventions–stay classic!



“Hopefully, vo din dur nahi jab technologies itni advance hogi ki har car Taarzan: The Wonder Car jaisi hogi!”

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