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Train Tickets Got Lost During Travel? “Ab Kya Kare Law Waali Didi??”

Train Tickets Got Lost During Travel? “Ab Kya Kare Law Waali Didi??”

train tickets got lost during travel

As much as the bogus ones, there are also the genuine cases of “train tickets got lost during travel” cases when it comes to Indian Railways. As we know, it is hailed as the lifeline of the nation. One of the most welcoming and passenger-friendly organisations of the Government, it still seeks to cover extra kilometres, both on a safe journey and relaxing travel.

“Par didi ticket toh gayi na–it ij ‘train tickets got lost during travel’ wala cheej. (Kya kare ab, shareef log hai.) Toh ye btao ab ki aage kya karna…??”

Read carefully, what you can do if your train tickets got lost during travel:

Indian Train Trip Types

  • Electronic Tickets
  • I-Tickets
  • Window Tickets

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Is An E-Ticket missing?

  • Step 1- Use your Login ID and Password to log in to the IRCTC website.
  • Step 2- Check the page of ‘History Booking’.
  • Step 3- Choose the trip and re-print your e-ticket.

Is An I-ticket missing?

  • Step 1- Go to the Ticket Booking Window.
  • Step 2- Write an application with the PNR No, Train No, From, Travel, Passenger Name, Age and Gender on the Application of the Station Master.
train tickets got lost during travel

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  • Step 3- Add a photocopy of the ID Proof and Address Proof used previously (during the initial ticket booking).
  • Step 4- Pay the applicable double fare prices.
  • Step 5- The duplicate ticket will be sent to you. Display it during your trip along with the ID and evidence of Address.
ID proof

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Regulations On Repayment Of Fares Lost/Distorted

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  • One should remember that if the train tickets are distorted or destroyed, there is no refund.
  • Before the final booking chart is prepared, the passenger can cancel his trip.
  • If a passenger cancels the trip, the amount will be returned to the passenger after subtracting the applicable cancellation and other fees.

The ticket inspectors adjust on long journeys, and the flying groups may be examined. You might also be inspected on leaving the train and coming out of the railway station.

Thus, make sure to always keep your ticket handy but safe.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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