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11 Travel Tips For Every New Travel Freak

11 Travel Tips For Every New Travel Freak

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A necessary list of common yet much-ignored travel tips for new chasers of wanderlusts! —These are our important “chetavni” for you!

Kyon-ki, “सफर में संभल कर चलने वाले काफी मिल जाएंगे मैं तो इन सड़कों पर दौड़ना चाहता हूँ।”

1. Amongst the first travel tip is: Avoid taking the first seats on the plane. Try to be pickier when it comes to aeroplane seat reservation.


2. Skin-care: Check on a hat and an umbrella. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ to take care of your skin. Sunburns might go away, but the chance of skin cancer continues! So take this precaution very sincerely.

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3. When you travel out, take what you require: Restrict the amount of cash and bank cards you carry with you, so if something does arise, you can recover smoothly.

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4. Vaccinations: Travelling to different cities that pose chances of tropical diseases? Make sure to nurse a medical expert. Contact one in advance to get the proper vaccinations before the trip.

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5. Don’t fly direct: When reserving flights, sometimes it is cheaper to fly into airports close to your final destination and then catch a train or bus to where you want to go.

6. True Joy: Exploring cultures, people, and history is what fulfils a truly thirsty wanderlust! So, do not hurry. Walk around and experience the true essence of historical sites and other places. Sit, observe, breathe, experience!

7. Medicines: Ask your doctor to write you a prescription. Especially if you experience a chronic disease or use any medicines that might be counted as a drug in another country, always visit your doctor beforehand.

8. Often missed in travel tips is Sleep-Cycle: A study revealed how critical sleep is for health. It is often an ignored thing while on vacation. If you can, try to keep up on your REM sleep. That way, when you are back, you can easily take up your routines.

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9. Never be afraid to carry and use Maps: It seems like a tourist isn’t as bad as going lost and finishing up in the wrong neighbourhood.

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We all enjoy travelling, and remembering these travel tips, would help you reduce the chances of wrecking your time. At last, if we are not fully prepared, sometimes, various health-related conditions can destroy our trip!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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