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Tried Bastani Sonnati Ice Cream To Chill Down Your Basanti Yet?

Tried Bastani Sonnati Ice Cream To Chill Down Your Basanti Yet?



Bastani Sonnati Ice Cream?? Well, that sure does make us movie buffs wonder and sing, “Deewani Bastani” or “nazar jo teri laagi mai bastaani hogayiii” LOL. But Bastani Sonnati Ice Cream is nowhere about that or India or any heroine. But, adding in the drama: Let us explore, “kaise kiya Persian Ice Cream ne deewana iss Desi Dil ko?”



You might have visited or planned to visit Iran for its beautiful architectural and dazzling buildings. A country based in Western Asia, Iran is famous for the production of Pistachio and Saffron. Apart from such souvenirs, the nation is also well known for desserts! And yes, that’s where we are sweeping in an introductory blog on Bastani Sonnati Ice Cream. So, get scoopin’!



1. “Aao chale barf ko safed se rangeen banaaye…” It all started with the concept when people experimented by pouring coloured syrups on snow for their summertime treat. The idea popped up when ice was mixed with raw fruits, famous saffron, and fruity juice flavours like grapes.



2. Locally named “Bastani Sonnati,” bastani sonnati ice cream became the most popular and traditional saffron ice cream in Iran/Persia.



3. Flavoured with silly rose water and pistachios, the bastani sonnati ice cream is heavenly delicious.



4.“banti kaise hai ye batana sotana ice cream…?” This Persian frozen dessert (which is, by the way, Bastani Sonnati*) is preferably made with cow milk to give a creamy texture. Souvenir saffron works as a magical powder (taking care of your mood swings as well). Pistachios serve as a dressing for the dessert, while Rosewater adds in a pleasing aroma. The principal ingredient is Egg Yolk (nutritious and protein-rich).



5. Bastani sonnati ice cream is available at Ice Cream Factory NIBM, Pune, Maharashtra. Vadilal serves people’s favourite saffron and pistachio ice cream tub at reasonable prices. (You can order one now at BigBasket!)



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6. You can have your Bastani Sonnati in a cone and scoop forms too.



7. DIY bastani sonnati ice cream in your way! Trying things out is always a worthwhile endeavour. So, collect all the ingredients at home. Combine all the ingredients and whisk the mixture after adding an egg yolk. In the end, add a creamy layer to the top. Serve it in a dessert bowl and saffron ke swaad ka luft uthaiye.



Well known dessert, all the ingredients of bastani sonnati ice cream are just too yummy to digest! The dessert will definitely give you GOOSEBUMPS for sure after having it.



We were thinking, maybe you can try a tubful with your BF/GF while watching a Persian Thriller, creating your own Persian Nights! What do you say?


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