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Try Jade Rollers For Knocking-Off Stress!

Try Jade Rollers For Knocking-Off Stress!

Sarthak Mittal

If you are looking for a relaxing time for your skin, making it smooth and toned alongside, then jade rollers are what you must try to explore!


As the term itself suggests, jade rollers are hand-sized, easy to roll tool with a jade stone attached at one end of the apparatus. It is a must-try for beauty lovers who are looking for a beneficial facial massage.


Here’s why you must try to use jade rollers:

1.  Jade Rollers help to stimulate the circulation by each gentle press of jade stone on the face, thus relaxing the facial muscles.

2.  When rolled, it also helps to boost the natural detoxification process by removing the toxins.

3. It also helps in leaving the skin little toned with a lifting impression.

4. The natural cooling sensation after the massage helps to soothe the skin inflammation and depuffing.

5.  Facial massage is said as the stress reliever. So, a daily ritual of it can work as a therapy for lessening the tension.


If you are a beginner or new to using jade rollers, then here’s how you can use Jade Rollers.

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1.  Take your jade roller and use the roller over the lower part of your face, moving it in an upward direction from the chin. Then move it downwards. Slowly roll it sidewards. Be careful around the fragile undereye area.

2. Jade rollers are pretty good to be used on a cleansed skin. You can also use it with skincare products, like moisturizers or serum. Or you can roll it on the dry skin.

3. If you want to have the cooling effect after using the jade roller on your face, then keep it inside the fridge.


If you are someone who works hard all day and often forget to take care of your skin, then jade rollers can be a blessing! So, do try to use it for relaxing your facial muscles and let us know if it worked for you!

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