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Learn About Turn based Strategy Games As You Wait For Your Turn!

Learn About Turn based Strategy Games As You Wait For Your Turn!

Turn based Strategy Games

Turn-based strategy games are all about how you use your brainpower to clear the stages. Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to succeed, but more importantly, what’s your plan on the way to that success is what matters!

Let us dig out the real meaning of Turn based strategy games and also know about where these are used.

  1. What are Turn based Strategy Games?
  • Turn-based strategy games are types of strategy games where the player has to wait for his turn to play his move.
  • Most strategic-level wargames are part of Turn based strategy games.
Turn based Strategy Games

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  1. How Turn-based strategy games work.
  • Most of the turn based strategy games are based on war or old empire war games.
  • A turn-based game has a simple mechanism: the player Strategizes his move until the enemy plays his move.
old empire war

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  1. Board Games
  • Board games are the best example of Turn based strategy games.
  • They require proper time and your strategies so that the enemy teams would lose.
  • Chess games are one of the best examples of board games.
Board gaming

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  1. Shifting to Computer Games
  • Computers are the best and most comfortable devices for playing turn-based strategy games.
  • Playing on the computer screens make your game look easier. A bigger screen helps to locate the situation comfortably.
  • No other strategy games can replace the Civilization Gaming Series developed by Firaxis Games, Activision.
Civilization series

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  1. Indie Games
  • Indie games or independent games have increased their market in a few years. Turn-based strategies are more often used in this genre of gaming.
  • Rimworld, developed by Ludeon Studios, is one of the best examples of turn-based strategy indie games.
  1. Turn-based tactics
  • Turn-based tactics are part of strategy games.
  • These are where the player is expected to complete their task with the use of provided combat forces. Usually, the provision of reality is the main feature of Turn-based tactics games.
  • The Great Big War is one of the best turn-based tactics games.
strategy gamimg

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  1. Browser-based games
  • Browser games are small games played through your browser.
  • Browser turn-based strategy games do not require any type of installation. They are free to play and easy too.
  • Tiny Tactics are the best examples of Browser-based games.
Browser-based gaming

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  1. How Turn based strategy games help?
  • Strategies are directly connected to our brainwork. They are used in every area of our life (which is often said as a game itself!)
  • Turn based strategy games help one to improve patience. They can also help in heightening one’s creativity, open-mindedness, awareness, intelligence and consciousness.

Now you can play your turn. Thank you for joining in.

Before you leave, remember that without a strategy, execution is aimless; without execution, strategies are useless. So use the perfect strategy, at the perfect time, and surprise the opponent, as he doesn’t get the chance to counter it.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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