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Type Of Girlfriends

Type Of Girlfriends



Reading about a type of girlfriend reminds one of “ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga.” It might also be the most relevant song you can play while looking at your girlfriend. So it feels good accompanied by your honey bunny, but do not stop wondering how different people behave in a relationship. We are not here to categorise girls into sections. This is just a general way of how girls often tend to act when they are in a relationship. Avoid justifying your behaviour based on your astrological sign. So the committed one can find their type here, and a single one can wonder what type of girlfriend they expect in future.


1. The Chilled One

A chilled sassy girlfriend is the one who will assure lesser drama during fights until it is actually a big deal. She will not check your phone or ask for passwords but also expects the same loyalty and faithfulness in a relationship that she is giving. Sometimes this chill sass attitude may lead to questioning her involvement in the relationship, but avoid doing this! Otherwise, you will end up with nothing.



2. The Nagging One

“oof!” This will be your only expression while dealing with a nagging girlfriend. Totally opposite to the chilled one. She will question your slow replies, irregular replies, irregular meetups or even not sending a proper emoji can give her a reason to fight. She will keep looking for your faults, flaws and mistakes as this may be energy-driven for her. So better not to sail into a sinking ship and stay away from such a relationship.



3. The Drama Queen

“adayein badi funky kare hai nautanki, yeh chori badi drama queen hai…” Yes, a girl who lives in her own world, super dramatic and highly reactive! Are you the one?? She may be inspired by a Bollywood character, can add some spice to your sawad free life. She will initiate fights for fun (not serious ones though,) and ultimately craves attention, love and pamperings. So if you are the one who can give away all the efforts, then only choose a dramatic girlfriend.



4. The Nibbi One

“mele babu ne thana thaya?” So if you love this recreation of your childhood memories, you can date this type of girlfriend, a nibbi. She will take you back to your school time. She will make cards on your birthdays, keep a record of all types of anniversaries, and if you forget about them, be ready to face all the emotional stimulation! She will be your caretaker and expect you to do the same. She will not sleep without your good night text and keep karva chauth for your prosperity and health. So a nibba for her will be the best match.



5. The Serious One

“mai tumhe bhool jao yeh ho nahi sakta aur tum mujhe bhool jao yeh main hone nahi dungi…!” So, this is the level of seriousness a girl can show for the one she really loves. This type of girlfriend will ask for real commitment, efforts, loyalty and future assurance. She is the one with all the perfect touches, can handle your all ordeals, and help you get out of odd situations.


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6. The Career Oriented One

A type of girlfriend who will remind you of that song, “mohabbat hai ye ji huzoori nahi…” She will totally focus on her career and has clear priorities about what she wants to do and when. She will also encourage you to do better for your career. She may not be in romantic stuff and go for rational thinking about her life decisions, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. It totally varies up to the person how she wants to pursue a career with the relationship.



7. The Drunk One

A girlfriend that makes you go out of your limits to love her, hold her, take care of her while she is drunk. A drunk girlfriend may be the most romantic one as the feeling of cosiness will be at apex being with her. But you cannot tolerate a drunkard daily, so better be clear about it. On the other hand, it is fun to handle your drunk girlfriend. It will add more love to your relationship.



Here is an idea! Share this blog with your girlfriend and let her figure out which type of girlfriend she is! But, be aware. Don’t trigger her to be the type you want to have, as everyone has got individuality. Just accept what she is and love her to the apex.

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