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Types Of Bedrooms And How You Can Make Yours More Appealing

Types Of Bedrooms And How You Can Make Yours More Appealing

types of bedrooms

In a broader view, there are no particular types of bedrooms. It is their inner arrangements that differentiates them from one-another. But, who could have thought that even the bedrooms will be categorized at some point in time?

So here is a list of a few types of bedrooms and some ideas for decorating yours:

  1. Master Bedrooms
  • Much true to its name, the master bedroom is the largest in the house. It usually has a bathroom attached.
  • Some of them have a sliding door that leads to the balcony or any open space where you can relax, read a book, or attend phone calls, etc. Lighting, storage space, and comfort are the forte of a master bedroom.
types of bedrooms, Master Bedrooms

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  1. Guest Bedrooms
  • Guest bedrooms are specially made while keeping the guests and their priorities in mind.
  • These bedrooms have an adjoining bathroom, an empty closet, and a chair to ensure that your guests have a comfortable stay.
Guest Bedroom

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  1. Teen Bedrooms
  • Teen bedrooms are made to fulfil a teen’s requirements. The room needs to have a well-maintained study area with proper lighting, where the teens get an ideal study environment.
  • An appropriate wardrobe or closet should be included in the room as per the teen.
  1. Kids Bedrooms
  • Kids’ bedrooms emphasize the requirements of the kids. A study table, a bed of suitable size, kids’ favourite wall arts, and a toy area are a few essentials to be included in a kid’s bedroom.
  • The room furniture can be chosen as per the kid’s preference in terms of size and colour.
Kids room

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  1. Dorm Bedrooms
  • Dorm rooms are generally small and shared by multiple people. Due to the lack of space, they have bunk beds instead of regular beds to ensure maximum space utilization.
  • Separate cupboards are also there for each person living in the room to keep their valuable belongings. Under-bed storage can also be added to make the most out of storage space.
types of bedrooms

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Tips For All Types Of Bedrooms:

Use a combination of light and bright colours:

To each their own, a light colour that isn’t too harsh on the eyes works wonders in giving a more relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom. The colours like hazel, green, and bright yellow are some of the good options.

light colours room

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Cornering the bed:

Pushing the bed into the corner of the room prevents it from obstructing the passage. It makes the room a bit more spacious.

Cornering the bed

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A little bit of wall art:

Wall arts are readily available, diverse, and add up to the charm of your living space. Perfectly sized wall art that you like is a great way to make your bedroom look more appealing.

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wall art

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Lights always come in handy:

Decorating the bedroom with some bright coloured rice lights can add to its charm in some unimaginable ways.

room lights, types of bedrooms

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The best part about decorating bedrooms is that there is no particular set of rules to follow. In the golden words of Prabhudeva, ‘A.B.C.D. Any Body Can…Decorate’.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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