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Types Of BFFs: Pieces Of Our Heart

Types Of BFFs: Pieces Of Our Heart


In reality, we all have different types of BFFs of different personalities at different places–and not just one! And, honestly, we do not have a special place for them in the heart because they become our jigar-ke-tukde itself.


So, if you are thinking about where to get back the pieces of your crushed heart after a break-up, just go back to one of your many best friends! If you cannot think about who? Here are different types of BFFs we have in our lives, whom we know and love:

  1. Childhood Bestie

Your first friend is more like a sibling who knows all about you and has plenty of childhood memories. Probably your parents are also friends with them, and you are most likely comfortable with them.

Childhood Bestie
  1. Long-distance Best Friend

Having best friends in different states or countries is the tough one. You miss them on every occasion, from birthdays to new year parties. And only facetime and calls are the only modes of communication.

  1. Office Best Friend 

Work bestie is the single most crucial person in your life at points. That one helps you in escaping from boring office parties to give to all the office gossip. 

  1. High-school Bestie 

Ah! Those teenage friendships. Remember making Kabhi-naa-poore-hone-wala business plans with them? These ones helped you in completing your homework, fixing your meetings with your crush on school playgrounds, taking your side in front of teachers, and well, what not!

  1. Drink Buddy 

We all have that one best friend who is always ready for drinks and might even be a total party animal. Be it a break-up or failed business deal–they are always there to make your days a little more lively.

  1. Gym Partners 

The gym may or may not give you six-pack abs, but it will give you a workout buddy who helps you with the gym pictures for your social media.

  1. Roommate 

Roommates are like mothers, helping you in walking from classes to meetings. From late-night maggie and binge-watched Netflix with them–they remain an unforgettable part of your life.

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  1. College Best Friend 

A college is a place where you make the best memories of your life, and your college friends are a big part of that. From dealing with the fresh new world to becoming a jugaad-baaz for getting free fest passes–all leading to nothing but reliving memories with our college besties!

  1. Social Media Bestie

That friend you never met in real life, but who had to become a very significant part of your life–these ones know about your life like no other!

Social Media Bestie

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How many friends do we leave on the way, but if we really go by types of BFFs, we all have so many of them who are still ready to fix a meet. With them, things remain old and comfortable no matter, even if it’s years after that you meet them.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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