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Types Of Brides To Know About Before You Plan On Wedding

Types Of Brides To Know About Before You Plan On Wedding


As many marriages as many can be types of brides in the world. But general or cliche is what, at times, the societies and memes often run on!


There is this one day, ‘jo har ladki ka sapna hota–ek din life me jab vo sabse sundar lagti hai.’


So which of the following types of the bride would you be?

  1. VOGUE Style Bride

The one who thinks she is high in style with her hand-knit dress embroidered by 1000 people with elaborate decorations!

VOGUE Style Bride
  1. The Lifelong Bride

Girl, who has been planning her marriage since 10, and so, she cannot switch her mind on what colour fondant (icing on cakes/pastries) she requires.

  1. DIY Bride

She wants to preserve all those things created by hand–a careful one indeed, she’ll have a lot to pick and take back home.

  1. The Zen Bride

Calm, confident, and collected at all times–A Zen Bride. She’ll be enjoying each moment as it is.

The Zen Bride

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  1. Foodie Bride

The food table is the be-all and end-all! 

She will have the complete menu that indicates the season, and what about the cake? It will be sweet.

Foodie Bride

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  1. Bride Who Is Bag Of Nerves

Ensure she has a tipple before she steps down the lane, and you’ll soon hear a pack of nerves praising her!

  1. Cry Baby Type Bride

Tissues? Ready!

She’ll drop a tear on almost everything (emotional Dulhan).

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  1. The Princess

My lady, the lady, his lady! Queen crowns, sophisticated and dignifying–Princess like bride ladies and gentlemen.

 9. The Traditional Bride

In tune with the traditional vibes of her culture–be it red altar or white flowers–she will be the apple of the eyes of everyone on her wedding day.

The Traditional Bride

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So many types of brides and all so gorgeous! — Let us capture it all in a photograph before the tears set in…

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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