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More Types Of Chairs Than You Know!

More Types Of Chairs Than You Know!

types of chairs

” Bethe bethe bore hue karna h kuchh kaam” Come, let’s get to know Types of Chairs! If you are interested in chairs, keep scrolling and, if not, I should tell you that there is a five thousand rupees worth of book on chairs Kam Se Kam types toh ptaa hone chahie tumhe!

1) Wingback Chair

  • This chair design can be a classic design to contemporary design.
  • It has statement side panels extended from the tall back.
types of chairs

2) Club Chair 

  • This type of chair is spacious and plush!
  • These designs are usually available in leather.
  • They have rounded curves to optimise comfort.

3) Windsor Chair

  • Saddle seats, a solid wood back, and round-tenoned back and legs define its design.
  • It has inspired many modern iterations and is often used in dining rooms.

4) Egg Chair

  • This design initially came from Arne Jacobsen for SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.
  • It sits on a rotating base and has a smooth rounded back and winged armchair design.

5) Wassily Chair

  • Tubular steel is used to form its frame.
  • Most models come in chrome finish with leather and fabric slings.

6) Wishbone Chair

  • Has steam-bent back and hand woven seat.
  • Inspired by ming chairs.
  • It is very comfortable due to its rounded back.

7) Arm Chair

  • It is an accent chair design with separate side panels.
  • It provides a structure to rest your arms.

8) Tulip Chair

  • It is meant to go with tulip tables.
  • Designed by Eero Saarinen.
  • Single pedestal base offers a sleek, clutterless appeal.

9) Rocking Chair

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  • It has a curved band design commonly made of wood.
  • Allows the occupant to rock back and forth.
  • It was developed in the early 1700s.
  • Initially, it was found in gardens.

10) Womb Chair 

  • Florence Knoll asked Eero Saarinen to craft a chair like “a basket full of pillows”, and the womb chair was born.
  • Intended armrests, rounded design and movable cushions and the ottoman help to envelop its occupants.

11) Directors Chair

  • The “directors chair” is inspired by the folding chairs used on movie sets by directors. 
  • It has evolved into a modern and stylish piece of furniture.
  • Originally made with canvas but is now popular with leather seats.

These are a few types of chairs to get you started in the chair category! comment down below the one that matches your decor! 


Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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