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Types Of Chocolate For Different “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” Movements

Types Of Chocolate For Different “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” Movements


Various kinds and types of chocolate have come into the market since 1847. It was the year when Joseph Fry invented the first modern chocolate. He made a moldable chocolate paste of melted cacao butter and Dutch cocoa.

If you are a chocolate fan or chocoholic, you should check out these different types of chocolates:

  1. Milk chocolate
  • Carries 10%-40% cacao mixed with sugar and milk.
  • One of the most popular types of chocolate.
  • A way sweeter and slightly less definite chocolate taste.
Milk chocolate

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  1. Dark chocolate
  • Contains chocolate liquor, sugar, and cocoa butter with 30%-80% cocoa.
  • Also called Bittersweet chocolate or Semi-sweet chocolate
  • Commonly used for baking.
  1. White Chocolate
  • Contains a minimum of 20% cocoa butter with no chocolate liquid.
  • Has a much chocolatey taste that matches smooth vanilla.
  1. Unsweetened chocolate
  • Pure chocolate liquor made of cocoa beans and the base of other types of chocolate.
  • Tastes more desirable in baking and cooking when mixed with other food ingredients (rather than for consumption purposes).
Unsweetened Chocolate

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  1. Cocoa Powder 
  • Contains 100% cacao without sugar.
  • Usually helps in baking to mix in dough and batters.
  1. Bittersweet chocolate
  • Carries at least 30% cocoa.
  • Some bars contain 50%-80% cocoa.
  • Have a bitter kind of flavour.
  1. Couverture Chocolate
  • Contains a high percentage of cocoa butter.
  • That’s why it is more costly than other chocolates.
Couverture Chocolate

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It is always fun to expand your sweet palette, so try these different types of chocolate to celebrate life!

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