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Types Of Concrete Mixers: Blend Your Way Through These Drums!

Types Of Concrete Mixers: Blend Your Way Through These Drums!



In a broad sense, there are only 2 Types of Concrete Mixers. But before knowing about them, let’s shake things up a bit and begin with “What is a Concrete Mixer, anyway?”



1. What is a Concrete Mixer?

      The technology used to mix cement, totals, and water to make the concrete cement or slurry.

      Saving time, energy and reducing costs, this machine has aided the Architecture & Construction Sector.



2. Concrete Mixer Background

      The first motor-powered cement machine was developed and copyrighted by Stephen Stepanian in 1916.

      The horse-drawn machine design consisted of wooden paddles that mixed the ingredients in tandem with the turning of the cartwheels.



3. Types of Concrete Mixers

      The Basic 2 Types of Concrete Mixers: Continuous and Batch.

      2 types of concrete mixers under Batch Mixers: Drum Type and Pan Type Mixer.

      Drum Type Mixers are further classified into Tilting Drum, Non-Tilting Drum and Reversing Drum Mixers.



4. Continuous Mixers

      These ones supply the elements inside the drum, mix them and discharge the slurry together.

      Content and bubbles are not managed easily with air in the admixtures.



5. Batch Mixers

      Batch concrete mixers are the commonly used kinds of mixers used to form concrete.

      Unlike continuous mixers, batch mixers blend and release concrete regularly.



6. Drum Mixers

      Batch Mixer.

      Revolving on a horizontal axis, it divides into two halves, letting the concrete discharge cleanly and quickly.



7. Tilting Drum Mixers

      Batch Drum Mixer.

      It can bend at various angles. The drum axis is tilted at an angle of 15 degrees towards the discharge hole.



8. Non-Tilting Drum Mixers

See Also

      Batch Drum Mixer.

      These kinds of mixers cannot bend (thus, non-tilt). Their axis constantly remains at 0 degrees.



9. Reversing Drum Mixers

      A type of Batch Drum Mixer.

      It is also a type of non-tilting mixer (and is generally called so only).

      It provides concrete mixing in separate groups (2 simultaneous rotations happen on a horizontal axis: one for mix and opposite one for discharge).



10. Pan Type Concrete Mixers

      A Batch Mixer.

      These ones have a shape of a pan with scraper blades inside that might or might not rotate (depending on the type) to mix the material.

      Although the most efficient ones on the list, they are steadily going out of trend.



Other than these, there are also truck mixers. These ones belong to the batch reversing drum mixer type. It provides the driver to control the speed of the drum rotation with a clutch.



“Life is made up of moments, small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of grey cement. We have to teach ourselves how to make room for them, to love them, and to live, really live.” ~ Anna Quindlen

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