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Types Of Ex-Girlfriends When Finally You Can See What You Lost!

Types Of Ex-Girlfriends When Finally You Can See What You Lost!



Permanent kuch nahi hota bro, katna sabka hota ha,” is what the trends have shown us. And also, if you are thinking your girlfriend is permanent, no one can replace her, then you will get married. But this is as hard as Pakistan getting Kashmir.



Everyone has had their “Ex” in life. And so, here is a fun list of types of ex-girlfriends to make your head nod as you reach and encounter, “arre ye toh mere wali hai!” moment and share a smile with us.



1. Moving On, Sprint Level

“ek gaya, ab dusra ayega”

They have more lovers in life than PT Usha’s medal in real life!



2. Nibbi

“ek shot is angle se bhi lo na bu…”

And then you wonder why you miss her camera more than her? These ones make you hold their cameras for TikTok videos.



3. The Transformer

“ab dikhaungi isse toh mai! ugly kisko bola usne??”

The optimistic ones, these types of ex-girlfriends use their breakup as a motivation. They will join the gym and transform to make their ex jealous.



4. Stalker Media Expert

“pata karo daya, kis ko stalk kar raha hai aaj kal”

They are the ACP Pradyuman of their ex’s life. They will stalk you with fake IDs and keep an eye on your next moves.



5. One Who Remembers

While drinking water: “yaar! vo bhi paani piya karta tha…”

Einstein can forget his theories, but these types of ex-girlfriends can’t forget the mistakes of her ex, sadly.



6. The Threatening One

“waapas aao or I’m telling you, I’m going to kill myself!”

 The freaking dangerous types of ex-girlfriends. These girls can end up threatening you, driven by emotions, to get you back in their lives.


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7. Drunk Texter

“kaun kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai? hum toh peete hai ki yahan par baith kar, usko dard bhare text karne ke liye.”

These types of ex-girlfriends end up texting their ex in a sober situation.



8. Desperate One

“I want all of it back! You too…”

These types of ex-girlfriends will try their best to get or give one more chance to the bond by asking to meet you, “only to return things!”



9. The Weirdos

“Shaadi mein toh bulaoge fir yaa vo bhi nahi!”

Ah! The offbeat types of ex-girlfriends, these ones are like “Tanus,” trying their best to make you feel what you are losing. They’ll bitch about you, but all with those cute and weird expressions.



Ah! Now, you know what you lost!

And if you haven’t had an ex, then let us know which of these types of ex-girlfriends you have observed or met in your life?

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