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Are There Terms For Types Of Jeans As Well?

Are There Terms For Types Of Jeans As Well?


Yes, there are terms for different types of jeans! And yes, they are not classified as Blue Jeans, Denims, or Black Jeans. There are six different styles and types of jeans as follows.

  1. Skinny fit 

The first amongst the types of jeans is indeed a skinny fit. It clings to your skin and takes the shape of your leg.

Skinny fit Jeans
  1. Slim fit 

Like a skinny fit but not so snug. They fit a person’s lower body.

They are neither too tight nor too loose.

  1. Bootcut 

Have you ever seen any cowboys?

The Bootcut Jeans were made to fit the boots of these cowboys inside their jeans only.

Bootcut Jeans

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  1. Regular/Relaxed

The comfortable fit made for men with thick thighs, these jeans give more room around the waist, to prevent rashes from a lot of sweating.

Regular jeans

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  1. Loose

Initially, it was made for people with a broader lower body. They are exact opposites of skinny jeans. They are not clingy yet snug.

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  1. Straight Fits

One of the common pairs of jeans you’ll see around you, Straight Fits are not loose either downwards or upwards, and thus are called straight.

Straight Fits Jeans

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Which types of jeans would you like to try for a change?

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