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Types of Milk Chocolate: Yum Yum!

Types of Milk Chocolate: Yum Yum!


Ever since watching Charlie and the chocolate factory, each one of us is fascinated with chocolate, and Mann to Kia Hoga na chocolate factory me jane ka?  From the beautiful chocolate river and the little hardworking Oompa Loompas, we all fell in love! Let’s dive into the deliciousness of Milk chocolate from the 90s to make you feel nostalgic.

Perk: This crunchy and chocolaty bar is a delight to have. Perk was launched in 1996 to provide glucose energy mixed with the deliciousness of chocolate.

Cadbury Choki:
This thick liquid milk chocolate was a treat to have. It was available in two variants, chocolate, and choco milk. Choki came in a laminated tube which made it easy to eat anywhere and anytime.

Chocolate Coins:
Remember when you used to brag about having gold coins? Mere pass to chaar sikke hai! Good old days when the only money that mattered to us was the sweet one!

In your childhood, your mother must’ve forced you to eat almonds and cashews but little did she know that the nuts we wanted to eat were covered in chocolate. Nutties by Cadbury was something everyone cherished as it not only included the goodness of nuts but also the sweetness of milk.

Cadbury Milk Treat:
Before the advent of Nestle’s Milky Bar, everyone was drooling over Cadbury’s Milk treat. Unfortunately, its production has come to an end.

This chocolate is known for its smooth and silky texture. Galaxy is one such sweet jo muh me jate hi Ghul Jaye!

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Cadbury Dairy Milk: Before the arrival of other chocolates and new brands, Cadbury Dairy Milk was sabka pahla pahla Pyaar! This delicacy made with fresh milk won everyone’s heart the moment it launched.

Cadbury Gems:
Before M n M’s, Cadbury Gems was the sweet and simple pleasure of one’s life. The different colors and the sweet taste were worth every penny.

Amul milk Chocolate:
Amul is known for its wide variety of products. One such product is Amul Milk chocolate. The richness of milk and creamy texture make it more delicious. 

You’re feeling nostalgic now, aren’t you? You can head over to Indiamart or Amazon and search for these and relive your childhood. 

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