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Pants Say, “Know Types Of Pants And Wear Me Right. Dot.”

Pants Say, “Know Types Of Pants And Wear Me Right. Dot.”

Types Of Pants

Do you prefer loose and comfortable bottoms over jeans? Then, you definitely should know about the upcoming seven types of pants, and how to wear them correctly.

  • Chinos
  1. The cotton twill, composed of a fabric known as chino (or similar type of material), Chinos are still new in the world of pants.
  2. These types of pants fall in between khakis and dress pants.

How to wear Chinos? They look best with T’s, denim, and sneakers. If you are an adventurous kind, try Chinos with blazers.


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  • Casuals
  1. What you wouldn’t have guessed ever is how adaptable Casual Pants can be.
  2. Casuals can easily highlight you in the crowd due to their well-defined measurements. So, if you like wearing casual pants, don’t worry about jeans!

How to wear Casuals? It’s not necessary to go for a T-shirt. Casuals look more attractive with shirts, and don’t forget to wear your goggles and a watch, to make your everyday fashionable!


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  • Formals
  1. Are you lacking excitement wearing the regular pants you always wear? Well, you need to try Formal Pants for once then!
  2. They add sparks of smartness and style to your personality in no time. Opt for colours like blue, grey, and black–the most common ones.

How to wear Formals? Go with a well-ironed shirt and formal shoes along with a classy watch. You can also try out these pants along with suitable blazers.


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  • Joggers
  1. Loose trousers made of stretchy fabric, Joggers are elasticated at the waist. Perfect while you’re performing, stretching, or during jogging hours, joggers always look stylish!
  2. At first glance, joggers might seem “not so cool”, but honestly, they are remarkably smart-looking bottoms.

How to wear Joggers? Team it up with a T-shirt. Sunglasses to get a perfect sporty attraction when you walk back home after working out.


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  • Tracks
  1. An excellent choice for casual outings and workplaces, Track Pants are stretchable bottoms, available in many colours.
  2. You solely need to have the knack of guts to crack how to look stylish with Tracks.

How to Wear Track Pants? Pair up your tracks with a blue Denim or Bomber Jacket when you are out in the city. Prep up your look with a pair of trendy black shoes.


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  • Cargos
  1. Back in the ’30s, the Cargo Pants were first cut-out for military and outdoor activities.
  2. These loose-fitting cotton trousers are still preferred by many, as they also have a lot of pockets, are comfortable and are stylish as well. These days, cargos are more popular for street style looks.

How to wear Cargos? Do you want to look cool? Cargo pants go well, especially when teamed up with a Black- T and a cap.

Cargos pant
  • Jeans
  1. Evergreen bottom wear, Jeans have been with us for decades.
  2. They are a wardrobe staple and saviours which have become as significant as smartphones between humans. Indeed, our fashion sense is nothing without jeans.
  3. Choose the one that’s your favourite, but make sure the brand you choose is reliable. It’s always okay to spend some extra bucks to look fashionable.

How to wear Jeans? Jeans are worn with almost every type of uppers these days. But we would suggest, go for a striped shirt, and shoes, for a perfect outfit for the day.


The key to crack the code of style here is to make sure to keep it simple and always preppy.

Now, as you know about all types, tell us your favourite pairs of pants, which you can’t go out without?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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