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Silk Fiber Types That You Must Know About

Silk Fiber Types That You Must Know About

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Following are 7 Silk Fiber Types to explore more about.

1. MULBERRY SILK: It is the most widely produced silk fibre. It is easy to make and less expensive. Mulberry silk fabric is known for its strength, softness, and durability.


2. ERI SILK: Like the other silk fabric, ERI silk doesn’t require the killing of silkworms for its manufacturing. It is also called “peace silk’. ERI silk fabric is heavy and more durable than even Mulberry silk.

3. TUSSAR SILK: It is the second-most produced silk fibre after Mulberry silk. The silk for its manufacturing is obtained from silkworms native to India.

4. SPIDER SILK: Spiders can’t be bred like silkworms. Therefore, spider silk is expensive in production. Some spider silk is highly tensile and is used in manufacturing bulletproof vests, microscopes, telescopes, etc.


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5. MUGA SILK: It is not widely known around the world. It is only produced in the state of Assam in India.

6. COAN SILK: Species of silkworm called “Pachypasa otus” produces Coan silk, which is native to Greece, Turkey, Italy. COAN silk fibre is widely used in ancient Rome. It is mainly used to strengthen other silk fibres.

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7. SEA SILK: Sea silks are eminently fine, rare and more relevant. It is made from the long silky byssus secreted from the gland in the foot of pen shells.

Four out of these silk types are naturally produced (Mulberry, Eri, Tussar and Muga). Also, 90% of the silk production is of Mulberry Sil

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