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Types of Tractors: Kheti Karne Ka Tikaau Aur Asaan Tarika Hai Tractor

Types of Tractors: Kheti Karne Ka Tikaau Aur Asaan Tarika Hai Tractor

types of tractors

Types of tractors ki baat chali hai toh, purane zamane ki baat hai-

Man used ox and cows for farming before the human mind developed “machinery & stuff,” freeing the innocent animals of their labour. Although first made for farms, Tractors today are an asset for many other sectors/fields of work. This blog covers the types of tractors that we might not know about.

What is Tractor?

  • Composed of two words: traction and motor, Tractors are automobiles primarily known to be used by agriculture, construction, and industrial areas.
  • These were invented to deliver high energy at a lower speed and help in picking/dropping/carrying heavy loads & weights.

via britannica

Different Types of Tractors

  1. Utility Tractors –
  • Helps farming methods such as ploughing and hauling heavy instruments.
  • Commonly have gasoline or diesel engines.

2. Compact Tractors –

  • Help in orchards, fruit yards, and nut yards.
  • The best advantage is that one can arrange them in every area of the yard.

3. Row Crop Tractors –

  • Help farms where farmers plant crops in a row.
  • Many benefits: user-friendly, sufficient row spacing, easy driving, ease of steering, easily connected, and separate attachments.

4. Industrial Tractors –

  • Mainly used in the industry more than agriculture.
  • These types of tractors are also called tuggers.

5. Garden Tractors –

  • Help in cutting the grass and making flower beds in your garden.
  • Accordingly, they have a very inadequate construction area.

6. Implement carrier Tractors –

  • Help to sustain and attach various types of implements.
  • They come in different dimensions and designs.

7. Earth Moving Tractors – 

  • Help in construction work, quarries, and dam works.
  • These tractors are very heavy and powerful.

8. Two-wheel tractors –

  • Help the small farms and gardens.
  • These are lighter in loading and smaller tractors.
Two-wheel tractors

via wikipedia

So, these were all the types of tractors that we must be thankful for their services in helping farmers and workers to make that house, carry those fruits and make heavy deliveries on time.

Going back to farming, it might not be the first profession. But it’s always closer to being the second.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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