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Under Armour (Brand) must-know Facts to scream, “I will what I want!”

Under Armour (Brand) must-know Facts to scream, “I will what I want!”


Kevin Plank established the brand Under Armour at the age of 24. It was Founded in 1996, Washington DC, United States. The brand supplies sports, casual and footwear apparel globally.


Know more about this fitness and sports brand below:

1.     Plank built this brand to provide fitness lovers with cool and wick-sweat apparel during any workout/competition.

2.  The company also produces American football, basketball, and soccer uniforms for numerous clubs.

3.  In 2016, Dwayne Johnson became the brand ambassador of Under Armour.

4.Under Armour operates 144 owned factories and 29 brand-houses.

5. The label's annual revenue for 2019 was $5,267 million (38823.45 crores), a 1.42% increase from 2018.

6.  About 60% of its products are manufactured in China, Jordan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

7. Their goods are sold primarily in the UK and Germany.

8. The global headquarters of the brand is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and the United States.

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9. Under Armour made its competitors like Nike and Reebok follow its footsteps, for its moisture absorbing merchandise!

10.  The logo of Under Armours is a symbol of speed, strength and athleticism.

11. Kevin Plank is currently the executive chairman of the company. He was only 24-year-old (and a special terms captain) when he established this brand!


No less than an inspiration for countless youths out there, Under Armour, is the first love of sportspeople, due to its quality and style. Is it yours as well?


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