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Understanding LOVE: An Ever Confusing Quest And Quench!

Understanding LOVE: An Ever Confusing Quest And Quench!


The question of understanding love can make you go into your core memories and tingle up a sensitive part. It can even fill your eyes up out of pain or happiness, as it carries a different meaning for every individual. These four words carry up the power to make you sit on a throne of four legs or may turn you down into a lifeless one to be carried away on four shoulders. But what makes this emotion so profound is that you cannot choose your fate.



“Love is what we keep reciting about, holding a mirror of reality with self-doubt…a way of escapism, a thread to feel alive. In this stark world of cleverness, we all are looking for a naive…”



1. A process

Love is no less than a life-taking process. There is nothing like first sight love exists. You fall for your work, person, or even a place gradually with time. If you encounter a rush of being in love, that will also end soon. You may like the idea of being in love at first, but as time goes on, you will realise that love requires strong commitment and determination.



2. No specifications

Love has no types, versions or specifications. It is what it makes you feel, makes you do, makes you live for. There are no criteria to be in love, and if you have a list–so sorry! It is not love but sauda and remember pyaar mein sauda nahi. Love will cross all the boundaries of religion, caste, country, colour, race and ideologies. It is an emotion that is far above on the pedestal than any other thing in this world.



3. A passion

Love is a passion in itself. It will make you go beyond your own capabilities for anything you feel for. Love is not limited to a person. It is a warmth that keeps one light of life and growth ongoing. It is a spirit that makes you commit to getting what you want, motivates you daily, inspires you to become a better version of yourself. So love is a passion that can drive one in the right as well as in the wrong direction because you cannot determine your fate when you are in love.



4. Strength and weakness

Love is not something that is going to put you up in life on every spectrum. It will also make you fall down badly and even painfully. So love is a strength and weakness as well. It becomes a weakness when it seems to run out of hands. Love can make you feel the most powerful and the weakest. On the other hand, it is an emotion that can mould up your personality, influencing your decisions. The pain of losing what one loves will create a void in the heart that takes even a whole life to get completely fulfilled.



5. Wholesome

Love is an emotion that makes you feel complete in yourself. It is a block that fills up the void in your life and heart. To live more happily and fully-you need love like this. It is the primary requirement for survival. Love teaches you to sacrifice, understand, compromise, adjust and most importantly, kindness to render out to everyone. So it is a wholesome feeling that ultimately develops your personality and thoughts to be a better version of yourself. It is because love makes you realise your strength and capabilities for others and yourself.

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6. Irrational

An emotion, stimulation or feeling that can turn you irrational. You will stop looking for the consequences and the outcomes after being in love. It will give you the courage and confidence you need to make decisions without even considering their final result. Love makes you fear-free of being judged and criticised, and always remember love is not confined to a person. It can be your work, hobby or even food. So just wait to rise for that love.



7. Heartache

You know you cannot escape the pain of not receiving the same love you are giving out to anyone. So yes, love is a pain…it is heartbreaking…just imagine your heart sinking, eyes weeping, and you get numb because all you lose is your love of life. Love can be an ache and also a relief to that ache. This pain of love is inevitable because love consumes you all. You invest every cell of your body in the thing that you love. So this emotional investment drains out in the exact passionate manner in the form of cries, sighs and tears. So better be ready for this love too.



Love carries a different meaning for everyone. No definition in this world defines this word of four letters. But all we know is that a person can die, transform, live and cry for love. It will lead you to explore the unexplored part of your heart and personality. It is because once you are in love, there is no comeback.

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