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Unlimited Food In Agra For Foodies Who Prefer Khana Over Mahals!

Unlimited Food In Agra For Foodies Who Prefer Khana Over Mahals!



Are you looking for some places with unlimited food in Agra, as you are someone who cannot say no to food? Then this blog is for you! “bs aaj kuch acha khana mil jaaye!”



You always pray for yummy food in your meal. But what would you do if you found tinda, tori, bharta, etc. types of food that give you “ohhhhhhhh nooooooo, not again!” How about this: Gazab ka hai din aj ka jab apke taste buds aaj jhoooommmm uthenge for MUFT-MUFT-MUFT khana.



So apne pet ko thaam ke baithiye for some jaw-dropping hot spots that offer buffet/unlimited food in Agra, the Taj City!



1. Bon Barbeque, Fatehabad Road, Agra

      Located in Hotel Parador, this place is all about unlimited food in Agra.

      Awesome ambience and hospitality services by the staff who will treat you like kings and queens.

      Grumpy-Licious 18 different types of salads are available.

      Bhar-bhar ke khao desserts that have different sections for egg-lovers and egg-haters.

      Only VEGAN buffet available for Rs. 675+ GST.

      The food timings are 12pm-3:30pm and 6:30-11pm.



2. Unlimited Thali from Grand Gopika Thaal in Agra

      The ambience is pretty and lovely with Rajasthani touch jo dil ko choo jaaye.

      Khao, piyo aur mauj lo of unlimited food in Agra at just INR 399 with obvious other 30+ food items besides it.

      Gazab ki baat hai ki you cannot share the thaali. Each individual has to buy their thaali. Baapreee!!

      They have three different sizes of thaali, regular, medium and large one 25-25 items.

      Daal Baati Churma is worth a try for those who are new to it.

      Located At Taj Ganj, this place is a must explore for unlimited food in Agra.

      The timings slots are 12pm-4pm and 7pm-11pm.



3. Chokho Jeeman

      “GREAT Unlimited Rajasthani FOOD” is available at Raja Mandi, Delhi- Mathura Highway.

      The ambience is quite impressive with antique wall-hangings. You will also find beautiful katputliyaas.

      The staff are well-dressed and are friendly.

      The prices are different for different sizes of thaalis, starting from INR 170.

      They serve you with chana papad and besan-fried guar-ki-fali.

      Fresh and pure vegetarian food is served between 11am-4pm and 6:30pm-10:30pm.



4. Buffet Dinner at Oasis, Radisson Hotel

“Aap Ko thoda aalishan feel karane ke liye.”

      The hotel takes care of complete hygiene from sanitisers at each entrance point of the hotel. They also provide their guests with gloves and handy sanitisers for individual use.

      Many salad varieties are available with different dips at Oasis Buffet Dinner, thus making it on our list of unlimited food in Agra.

      Located in Taj Ganj, the hotel serves you a dinner buffet starting from 7pm-11pm.

      The cost for two (approx) is INR 2500.

      “Yeh shaam shaandaar banane ke liye,” you can choose any of the cuisines from North Indian, Chinese, and Continental.



5. Tarah-Tarah ke PANKHDAAR-Pethas

      How about mixing a sandwich with a petha?

      The famous sweet shop Panchhi Petha, Hari Parvat crossing, Agra, serves unlimited varieties of petha.

See Also

      Baatein nahi, sirf meetha bhi ka kaam aata hai to make maahol more sweet.

      Both dry and liquid pethaas are available in sundar-sundar colours.

      These sweets are available at different prices.



6. MoMo Cafe, Buffet Lunch at Courtyard by Marriott, Agra

      Located at Fatehabad, Tajganj, Agra.

      Exquisite different cuisines with tarah ke tarah ke swaadisht desserts served at the hotel.

      Approximately the buffet will cost different prices at varying times of the day.

      Breakfast (6:30 am – 10:30 am Mon-Sun) at INR 699 + Tax

      Lunch (12:30 pm – 3 pm Mon-Sun) at INR 1,199 + Tax

      Dinner (7 pm – 11 pm Mon-Sun) at INR 1,399 + Tax

      Both non-vegetarian and vegan food items are available.



7. Agra ki Chaat Gali for all the CHATORASSS

“Yeha ki chaat-papri nahi khaya, toh kuch nahi khaya mere bhaiya.”

      Sadar Bazaar, Agra ki mashoor Chaat Gali.

      From thanda aur mazedaar barf ka gola to chat-pati chaat are available.

      The food per plate is very cheap, and you can have unlimited food in the same gali shuruaat se lekar till the end-point.

      Thanda, meetha, chatpata, masaaledar, chatkaari daar food items are available.

      Bus naam leni ki deri hai or wo cheez haazir.



After Taj Mahal, the food is yum that will give you a “WOAAHHHHHHH” wali feeling!

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