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Utpal Dutt: Renowned Theatre Artist, Actor, Writer and Director

Utpal Dutt: Renowned Theatre Artist, Actor, Writer and Director


Utpal Dutt acted in over 100 Bengali films and has a career of 40 years in Cinema! Know more about the actor, writer and director, Utpal Dutt.

1.  Utpal Dutt was born in March 1929. He mainly worked in Bengali theatre.

Utpal Dutt

2. In 1945, Utpal Dutt completed his schooling from Kolkata and did his graduation in English Literature.

3. He started his career from English shows. Once, while Utpal was performing the role based on Shakespeare’s Richard-3, Joffrey and Lora Candle (famous theatre artists) were surprised by his performance. They gave him a contract of 2-years in Shakespeariana theatre group. Later, he changed the group name to the Little theatre group.

4. He also formed the Indian People Theatre Association (IPTA) with his friends, but after two years he left IPTA, but side by side he was teaching English subjects in a school.

5. Dutt also played comedy roles in Hindi cinema. His most notable films were Guddi, Golmaal, Naram Garam, Rang Birangi and Shaukeen.

Guddi and Golmaal Movie

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6. The Congress Party once jailed him for his play, Kallol, which the party thought, would provoke the public.


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7. Dutt has also acted in villain roles in successful films like The Great Gambler and Inquilaab. He also got nominated for the Bengali Film Award For Best Actor in 1993.

Inquilaab and The Great Gambler

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8. Utpal Dutt received the National Film Award For Best Actor for Bhuvan Shome in 1970. He also won Filmfare Best Comedian Award thrice (for Golmaal, Naram Garam and Rang Birangi).

Golmaal and Rang Birangi

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9. In 2002, a movie processed along with Amitabh Bachchan, The Last Lear, based on a show, written by Utpal Dutt, Aaj Ke Shahjahan.

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10. His daughter is also a theatre professor at the School of Arts And Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.


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11. Utpal Dutt did his last role as a sculptor, Sir Digindra Narayan, in an episode, Seemant Heera of Byomkesh Bakshi, celebrated serial that of 1993 on Doordarshan.

Utpal Dutt, left the world of theatre empty in August 1993, in Kolkata City.

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