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Gen-Z Says, Village Rockstars Is By Far The Best Assamese Film

Gen-Z Says, Village Rockstars Is By Far The Best Assamese Film

Village Rockstars

Right from the first frame, Village Rockstars is symbolic of Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali. Art and writing are frequently limited by the market of modernization, but it feels good to see a regional film taking that responsibility to showcase art that’s far away from the commercial boundaries of filmmaking. It involves satisfaction that a film like this, which has suffered the restriction, is now being celebrated worldwide. Thus, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Village Rockstars is the best Assamese film ever made.

The Story Of Village Rockstars

  • Dhunu (Bhanita Das) lives in a small house with her widowed mother (Basanti Das) and sibling (Manabendra Das). Despite being poor, the little family manages food and other needful stuff. 
  • The two kids go to school, but we don’t see much communication between them there. All things being equal, nature is their jungle gym.
Village Rockstar

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  • The poor group of kids wants to frame a rock band with Dhunu taking the lead. 
  • They make their instruments out of extra things; Dhunu shapes a guitar out of Styrofoam and tones it with sparkly paper. Her possible objective is to possess a guitar–a real one. 
  • However, before that, there are a few obstacles to survival. 
Dhunu (Bhanita Das)

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The Characters Of Village Rockstars

  • Bhanita Das as Dhunu is so natural that she shaves away any excesses of fiction that may have all the passages of odd scenes.  
  • Basanti Das, as her mom, mixes in subtly, similar to all the other things that Rima Das brings to the filmmaking process. 
  • This particular substantial universe brings the crowd into a warm hug.
Bhanita Das 2017 movie

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The Direction Of Village Rockstars

  • Rima Das never went to a filmmaking institute, and yet proves it doesn’t feel like she is an amateur.
  • She is responsible for editing, directing, and cinematography of the film. The direction is incredibly sophisticated and poetic.
  • The characters and nuances of the setting were perfectly blended.

Did You Know?

  • The film was officially selected for the 91st Academy Awards.
  • The film was shot on Canon 5D and edited on a laptop!
  • The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • The majority of the cast in the film are the family members of Rima Das.

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