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Story Of Vipin Sharma, From Poverty-Stricken to Becoming Jewel of Indian Cinema

Story Of Vipin Sharma, From Poverty-Stricken to Becoming Jewel of Indian Cinema

Vipin Sharma

Today, we are going to talk about Vipin Sharma, the persona you don’t want to miss out on ever! A valuable part of the ‘Gangs of Wassepur’ series, let us talk about Vipin Sharma!

1. Grown in the slums in Delhi, Vipin Sharam was born in a poor family. He was very fond of watching T.V. in the houses his mother would work in as a maid.

Delhi slums

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2. One day something kick-started a spark in his psyche when in one of the houses he was denied to watch T.V. Probably, it was the fire of becoming an actor.

Vipin Sharma

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3. That’s when Vipin asked himself – ‘Why are we poor?’ and ‘Why can’t we watch movies?’ It was then when an outsider decided to break into Bollywood and define acting.

Indian actor

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4. One day wandering in the streets of Lajpat Nagar, Vipin found the inspiration of joining theatre in the voice of The Great Sanjeev Kapoor after listening to a radio show.

5. Vipin, while doing small jobs at a theatre, realized he is in the wrong place and decided to jump to a better one.

6. Sharma then applied for the National School of Drama and Voila! He got selected in the NSD and became one of the most precious actors the Indian Film Industry can ever have.

7. Inside the NSD Hostel, Vipin gained access to facilities like Electricity, Geyser, Lights and TV for the first time!

8. NSD made Vipin realize that he is not a fan of mainstream Cinema anymore, but he is a fan of great, meaningful stories.

whats your story

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9. Vipin’s first big-screen appearance was in 2007, in Taare Zameen Par in which he portrayed a strict father to a Dyslexic kid.

10. After Sharma’s debut, his career got filled with many new-age movies, like Pan Singh Tomar, Karthik calling KarthikJohn Day, Hotel Mumbai, etc., most of which was loved by people.

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Pan Singh Tomar

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11. In 2012, came Gangs of Wassepur, in which Sharma portrayed as Ehsaan Qureshi earned a place in cinema-goers’ hearts.

12. Through Gangs of Wassepur, Sharma gifted ‘memers’ a century worth of content. And we are sure that “ab toh sach bolde” would be with us till the very end.

Vipin Sharma

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13. Vipin Sharma was last seen in the movie, Gone Kesh. He was also seen on televisions in, The Final Call, and Satyameva Jayate (Zee5 Originals Bengali).

In one of his interviews, Vipin Sharma said, “I don’t want to do mindless cinema,” and so, we will, the lovers of Indian-cinema, will keep on expecting many more meaningful and entertaining movies and performances from this jewel of Indian Film Industry.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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