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Viwa Food World: The Binge Brothers with “Joshi” Mother

Viwa Food World: The Binge Brothers with “Joshi” Mother

Ritika Gupta

You might have watched hundreds of world food-challenge videos on youtube, but agar Viwa Food World ka Challenge nahi Dekha, to kya Dekha?


In this blog, get to know all about the Binge Brothers from Gujarat India!

1. In the city of Vadodara, Gujarat, India, two foodies, Akash Joshi & Vishwa Joshi have made a YouTube Channel with the name of Viwa Food World which is followed by millions of people.

2. The channel is for those who can never get bored of food! The Brothers give each other bizarre food-challenges and whoever loses has to bear an unusual punishment decided by the Bro who has won.

3. The most curious part of these videos is that often the food for their atypical challenges is made by their mother, Vandanaban Joshi!

4. Mother of Joshi Brothers, Vandanaban Joshi, has till now made dozens of innovative dishes including the biggest 1-litre Pani-Puri, a Jumbo Giant Momo, A dual Vada-Pav (Vada inside a Vada) and many other unique delicacies!

5. From 2018 to till now, the brothers have completed more than 200+ challenges! The enormous amount of calories they consume after each challenge is burned by Vishwa (not Akash) through gyming.

6. Their challenges include 300 Pani-Puri or Golgappa Eating Competition, Chaat Thali Eating Challenge, Epic Green Chillies Eating Challenge and many more!

7. But their list of challenges is anything but innovative. Brothers also give each other many other kinds of out-of-the-box challenges, including Slow VS Fast Food Eating Challenge, Spicy VS Extreme Spicy Food Eating Challenge, Mix it & Drink It Challenge and many more!

8. Although most competitions are unique because of the Indian Home-made food, some of these challenges also include brands like Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Zomato and many more. Some challenges are on eating Domino’s Food Big Bite Eating Challenge and Epic McDonald’s Food Eating Challenge.

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9. Lastly, the reason why people love to watch their challenges is perhaps the kind of innovative tasks they give to each other along with their simplicity while performing it. They’ll make you feel at home.

By the way, among the two hosts of Viwa Food World, Vishwa is younger, and Akash is older. In some of the videos, you’ll also hear them talking to their mother as well. 

How many of these challenges will you dare with your brother, friend or sister?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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