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Volleyball Is More Than Just Bird-Watching Handsome People!

Volleyball Is More Than Just Bird-Watching Handsome People!


Volleyball might look fascinating–thanks to cinema that has always portrayed it with matches on beaches, beautiful girls and handsome boys competing with each other. BUT–this game is much more than that! It is a team sport with much more extensive rules and regulations.

  1. History Of Volleyball
  • Volleyball was earlier known as Mintonette, discovered in 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts (United States) by William G. Morgan.
  • Initially, it was an indoor game. Later on, the first exhibition match was held in 1896 and named Volleyball by Alfred S. Halstead.
  • In the early 1900s, the American Sports Publishing Company published a book with complete Volleyball sport rules.
  1. First Official Ball Of Volleyball
  • As the name suggests, a right ball is a prerequisite for a memorable Volleyball Match.
  • Volleyball was designed with 3 layers.
  • The outermost was made out of leather, the middle one out of cheesecloth, and the innermost layer made of latex bladder, commissioned by AG Spalding & Sons.
  1. Positions In Volleyball
  • “Switchin’ my positions for you,” come out of that Insta trend! Here we are talking about positions in Volleyball.
  • There are 6 positions on the Volleyball Court that players should know well to excel in the sport.
  • These are the setter, the outside hitter, the opposite hitter, the middle hitter, the libero and the defensive specialist.
  1. Welcome To Olympics, Volleyball
  • Volleyball was welcomed in the Olympics Club in 1964 in Tokyo. It was a tough 3-way competition for men’s teams from Czechoslovakia, Japan and the former USSR.
  • In that match, the USSR won the gold, Czechoslovakia stood second with silver, and Japan won the bronze medal.
  • In the match between women teams: Poland won bronze, the USSR won silver, and Japan won their first Olympic Gold in Volleyball!
  1. Beach Volleyball 
  • Beach se Goa ki yaad aa gayi par “abba nahi manege…”
  • Well, Beach Volleyball was first initiated in Waikiki, Hawaii, by the Outrigger Canoe Club.
  • In 1930 the two-man team was set up at the Athletic Club in Santa Monica by Paul Jhonson. This was decided when other players failed to come up for the game. They then came up to play with four players (two for each team).
  1. Time Set
  • “Waqt ki kimat samjho,” in Volleyball. There is a time limit, abolition of which can pay you back in the form of penalties.
  • As the time limit for service is 8 seconds, if the server fails to do so, a point is given to another team.
  • Also, volleyball games are played with a time limit of 8 minutes.
  1. Extra Gyan
  • The longest volleyball game was played for 101 hours, had 63 matches, 338 sets and ended with a 14,635 score and made it to the Guinness World Record.
  • In 1976, the very first beach volleyball professional tournament took place at Will Rogers State Beach.
  • In 1999, coloured volleyballs were used for the first time. “Rango-romanch se bhari iss duniya mein swagat hai apka.”

Lastly, Volleyball as a sport can make you agile, increase your endurance and keep you in good physical fitness.

So, if you are ready to play a Volleyball match with your dusre mohale ki team–

“Aa dekhen zara kisme kitna hai dum!”

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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