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Ways To Improve Indian Cinema”: Commonly Discussed Issues By Gen-Z

Ways To Improve Indian Cinema”: Commonly Discussed Issues By Gen-Z


Ways to improve Indian Cinema is not a blog driven by personal opinions, but covers some of the commonly accepted and discussed statements on improvising Indian Cinema between Gen-Z.

We all know that Cinema in India (and round the globe) is highly influential, glorified and praised form of media. ‘Seene mein Cinema,’ is how it has been sold and ‘dil-se-obeyed’ is how the audience has accepted it. Also, no doubt, directors, actors and writers have created our nation independent with their brilliant talents. Nonetheless, Gen-Z of India can still spot some gaps.

Take a look at the list of some commonly accepted ways to improve Indian Cinema that are often discussed in groups of youths these days.

  1. ‘Bhed-bhaav toh abhi bhi hai hi yaar…’
  • Sexism, racism and class discrimination are still heated topics in the discussions about ways to improve Indian Cinemas.
  • Actors like Nandita Das and Nawazuddin Siddique have exposed their heart-wrenching happenings on this.
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  1. ‘Iss se better movie toh woh wali thi! Kis basis pe Award dete hai ye log?’
  • Often the Gen-Z groups have found it quite disturbing that Indian Cinema is stagnating in sub-par award functions such as Filmfare and IIFAi

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  1. ‘Bhai, original content kum hi bikta aur milta hai yaha…’
  • “Copying is not inspiring,” that is what the Gen-Z (that watches the World Cinema) means by that statement during the discussions on ways to improve Indian Cinema.
  • Indian Cinema has potential but will never approach greatness if performers continue copying in the name of motivation.
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  1. ‘Video Editor, Hair-Dresser, Spot wagera ka naam kaha hi ata hai yaar…’
  • The achievement of a film depends on a crew and not just a few names that get most of the attention.
  • Actors, directors and producers gain approval and honour for their hard work. But also writers, cinematographers, and editors perform an equal role in the making of films.
  1. ‘Voi hai na…baap hamesha baap rehta hai…huh’
  • Nepotism will always be a controversial discussion in the Indian Film Industry.
  • Nepotism refers to the practice between those with control or power of supporting relations or friends by providing them jobs.

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  1. ‘Regional content ko Hindi Cinema mein bana toh hit…Warna Gumm…’
  • With filmmakers such as Satyajit Ray, Mani Ratnam, and Shekhar Kapoor, our nation should be proud of its cinematic legacy.
  • Gen-Z discusses advertising, felicitating and welcoming Regional Cinema to a diverse audience, as it is. Subtitles, Transcripts and Dubbing are not impossible!
  1. ‘Indian Cinema mein vo originality aur baat kaha jo bahaar ke content mein hoti hai…’
  • The trend of comparing Indian Cinema to other World Cinema (especially Hollywood) has flowed deep into pop culture.
  • The cinephiles in the Gen-Z know that movies of India are as wondrous as of the West.
  1. ‘Saas-bahu se bahaar hi ni nikalte ye daily soaps!’
  • Indian industry has recognized a catapulting increase of actors debuting on the big screen from the small screen.
  • If the content on the small screen keeps on improvising more and more, the world of Indian Cinema would eventually blossom for betterment too.
  1. ‘Twada content, content, humara content underestimation!’
  • Gen-Z notices an irony. In a country where producers such as Anurag Kashyap and Ram Gopal Verma are cherished, independent movies are still missed in the mainstream universality.
  • This is a highly discussed point when it comes to ways to improve Indian Cinema among the Gen-Z.

With these commonly uttered sentences while discussing ways to improve Indian Cinema, we think that Gen-Z of today has changed that old saying:

“Confidence (not Action) speaks louder than words!”


Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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