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Is it compulsory to wear a seat belt in India?

Is it compulsory to wear a seat belt in India?

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Is it compulsory to wear a seat belt in India? The Central Government of India is developing rules & regulations on traffic in India. These must be abided by the proper management of road traffic and casualties.

If it is compulsory to wear a seat belt in India, and maine nahi pehni, toh jurmnana kya rahega bhai?

  • The fine is Rs 1000 according to 194B(1) of the Act 2019 on the Modification of Motor Vehicles.
  • Under this case, the driver’s licence is not revoked; just the fine stated under the law is imposed on the driver.
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  • The primary justification for amending the 1989 Legislation on Motor Vehicles was that residents and the State Government had a sense of duty towards the public safety regulations. 

 Wearing a seat belt in India aur baaki pate ki baatein:

  • Every driver and passenger must wear a seat belt for all kinds of road and side-road driving. 
  • The use of a seat belt certainly would not reduce traffic accidents. However, if accidents occur, death will be prevented. The outcome can be catastrophic.
  • India is the third-largest nation in terms of population, and 11% of global road deaths happen in India.
  • If a car is driving, there is a risk of someone getting a foot or stray animal between the lanes. The driver can save that jerk from dying if a sudden brake is applied, but at the same time the driver is not wearing a seat belt, the person might be affected.
  • It has been calculated that the chances of recovery from the car crash are more if someone is wearing a seat belt, sitting next to the driver (than if they do not wear a seat belt).
  • Children in the car can ride with a seat belt in their back seat.

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Is it legally compulsory to wear a seat belt in India in other nations?

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  • There are countries in which seat belt regulations are applied. These include the nations where the percentage of drivers & riders wearing a seat belt is low to those where the number is high.
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Toh surakshit rahe aur nahi bhi rehna chahte toh bhi, the wearing of a seat belt is compulsory in India (and also the other nations). The rule is only for the sake of our own protection and compliance.

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