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Wearing A Helmet Is Compulsory In India Or Not?

Wearing A Helmet Is Compulsory In India Or Not?

wearing a helmet is compulsory in India

Wearing a helmet is compulsory in India as per the guidelines set by the traffic police. It is to make the safety measures stricter for those who drive two-wheelers.

So, we now know that wearing a helmet is compulsory in India but what’s more in legal terms around this rule?

1. So, somehow you came out from a severe accident safely as your stars were well balanced. But, you can’t be lucky all the time.

wearing a helmet is compulsory in India

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2. If you meet an accident, your head is the first thing that might hit the ground. It rams into your skull against the bones that can bend and tear your nerve fibres. If so happens, they’re never going to recover.

bike helmet

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3. Most cyclists don’t wear buckles or belts on helmets. Many helmets may not conform to the Indian Quality Bureau.

always wear helmet

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4. In such a case, an accident can lead to “concussion, serious brain damage, seizures, maxillofacial injury and colonic vertebral injury,” said AIIMS physician The Hindu.

boys on bike wore helmets

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5. Significant wounds may also occur if helmets are not correctly worn.

6. If you are wearing a good-quality helmet, motorcycle helmets certainly also improve a rider’s external appearance.

7. So, along with being cool, you will also fulfil the purpose of helmets. The purpose of a helmet is clearly to shield your skull when driving in nasty traffic as a protective exterior cover.

helmets safes you

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Therefore, the helmets are safe rather than hateful. Also, wearing a helmet is compulsory in India. Strict implementation and further sensitization drives will only lead to turning the wheel into a safer world.

Precisely, “Sir bacha toh sab bacha!”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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