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Weird inventions

Weird inventions


Have you ever come across a product and, the first question that comes to your mind is Ye kisne bana dia? Remember Sheldon’s special edition Cylon toaster? The one he used to make enough Cylon toasts to destroy the human race. Many inventions in the world will make you go whatttt ye bhi hota hai kya kch? Keep on reading to find out weird discoveries that really do exist.

 Selfie toaster: You know the craze for selfies has gone to another level            when you see this invention. This toaster from the Vermont Novelty                  Toaster Corporation puts your face on the slice of bread.

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    Flask Tie: This invention came out in 2013. It consists of a hidden fluid bladder and straw. It holds your drink and, you can access it anywhere you want. 

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    Intelligent Umbrella: This type of umbrella lets you know when it’s raining and notifies you if you accidentally wander off without it.

    Ping Pong Door: This fun door lets you play ping pong anytime. You won’t need to have a large ping pong table. The table tennis door swivels down from the frame to create a makeshift ping pong table right in the middle of your door frame.

Let us know in the comments were you aware of these inventions? Is there any other weird invention you have come across? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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