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Weird Laws In The World To Make You Feel Rather Sane For Once

Weird Laws In The World To Make You Feel Rather Sane For Once

weird laws

This world is full of weirdos and more than that full of weird laws, and yes, we-are-sure–you are curious to read them!

“Kanoon andha hota hai, but who would’ve imagined that kanoon weird bhi hota hai?”

  1. It is illegal in Australia to change a light bulb!!

Dimag ki batti bujha de!

In Australia, it is illegal to change a light bulb, except you are a licensed electrician. Otherwise, you have to pay a fine of 10 Australian Dollars under Victorian Law.

Okay, papa, you need to stop being an electrician! Call one, or I’ll be shifting us to Australia!

weird laws, light bulb
  1. It is compulsory in Milan, Italy, to smile all the time!! 

Ah! So, this is your happy place and not CC!

It is a legal requirement to smile every time except in hospitals and funerals. This remains a law even if you are going through a sad breakup. All you have to do is smile and smile and smile.

This must work in India well, as, “Ab challan kaun bharega? Khush hi reh lete hai.”

girl smiling

via newatlas

  1. It is illegal in Turin, Italy, to not walk your dog at least three times a day!!!

Royal vibes, buddy.

Italy is considered to be an animal-loving country. Italian dog owners in Turin must walk their dogs at least 3-times a day, or they can be penalized up to 500 euros!

So, you gotta’ let the dogs out?

walking with dog

via boredpanda

  1. It is against the law to forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa!!

“Hello honey-bunny…”

In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday, or else you have to go to jail! Here is advice to all the ladies whose husbands have the habit of forgetting special days to take Samoa citizenship. And to guys, well–

“toko, toko…”

  1. There is a curfew to flush a toilet In Switzerland!! 

Strange world friend, it is.

You cannot flush the toilet after 10PM if you are living in an apartment. This might disturb your neighbours.


  1. It is against the law to do laundry on Sundays in Switzerland!!

Neighbourhood love does not stop just yet!

Neighbourhood love in Switzerland not only stops with the flush curfew. You can not do laundry and hang laundry out to dry outside on Sunday. Sundays are considered to be a special day in Switzerland, and doing laundry may just disturb your neighbours!

“Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain”

  1. In Denmark, you need government approval to name your baby other than 7000 approved names!!

And you were thinking, naam mein kya rakha hai?

There is a list of about 7,000 government-approved baby names in Denmark. If Parents wish to give their child a name that does not appear on the list, well, you need permission from the government.

Maa-baap ke naam se naam…? “Nahin karoonga main! Aur suno, tujhe bhi karne nahin doonga!”

cute baby

via pbcexpo

  1. In Louisiana, it is illegal to send pizza to someone!!

Pizza hi to hai…

It is a big NO-NO in Louisiana to send pizza to someone without their knowledge. Either it is a surprise or a prank, you have to pay a fine of $500 for that offence, well.

Ye pizza mehnga padega.

pizza law

via farandwide

  1. It is against the law for married women to drink more than one glass of wine in a bar in Bolivia!! 

“Zara sa jhoom lu main…”

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In the city of La Paz, married women are allowed to drink only one glass of wine in public to stop them from drunkenly flirting with strange men. And for that, men can divorce their wives if they see their wives drinking in public.

“…aree naa re naa re naa.”

girl with wine

via cnbctv18

  1. It is against the law to feed pigeons on the streets of San Francisco!!

“Look at all these pigeons, think they can just trust us humans?”

You can not feed pigeons in San Francisco city. The city believes in spreading viruses and damaging property because of birds. Or otherwise, you have to pay a hefty fine.

“Sorry, gutar-gu”

  1. Wearing high heels on historical monuments is not allowed in Greece!!

Damage to historical monuments…ye saari teri high heels ki galti hai!”

Female visitors can only be allowed to wear shoes at monuments. According to Greek prehistoric and classical antiquities, heels can damage and puncture the holes in monument land.

Reebok, anyone?

So how did you like these weird laws?

On a bonus note: consider our own nation now when it comes to weird laws–or wrong definitions, maybe.

Under Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, “Obscene acts and songs (…) to the annoyance of others” is illegal in India. You can be punished for up to 3 months or fined under the (pretty unclear) “obscene acts”. Basically, if the “obscene acts” are disturbing in the eyes of the “public” (rather than entertaining), then you can be “killed with shame,” either due to difference in ideas or the greed of that “public”.

But, hey, these weird laws are what makes the world go…rather eerie. Right?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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