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Welcome Aboard the Cordelia Cruises: The City on Sea

Welcome Aboard the Cordelia Cruises: The City on Sea

“Welcome aboard India’s only premium cruise liner, Cordelia Cruises.”

True to their claim, Cordelia Cruises offers an experience that every person on Earth should experience once in their life. A fun-filled cruise over the blues with your friends and family is sure to delete the blues from your life. To discover a new way of vacationing, where the journey is the destination, read on below.


1. A form of vacationing that gained a lot of popularity in India in the last decade or so: Cruise Ships. It offers a unique experience that is light on the pocket and comes without passport hassles since the vacation is, after all, domestic.


2. However, domestic cruises aren’t the only option. Willing customers can also book tickets for an international cruise to destinations like Bali and Colombo.


3. Cordelia Cruises, however, was known by another name until last year. The Jalesh Cruises, India’s only premier cruise service, was rechristened as Cordelia Cruises towards the end of 2020. 


4. Customers can choose one of the several packages. The prices vary from as low as Rs. 32,000 for a 3-night cruise for a single guest to as high as Rs. 1,70,000 for the most luxurious Chairman’s suite.


5. There are several activities that guests can take part in. From scuba-diving to a high-stakes casino game, this cruise has got it all.


6. It even has a Broadway theatre. Experiencing live performances while on a cruise ship is an experience of a lifetime!


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7. With multiple buffets that run 24/7, this place is like heaven for food enthusiasts. Portuguese cuisine was a recent addition to the vast menu.


8. Due to the ease of booking tickets and the unique experiences, many newly-married couples choose vacations aboard a cruise ship over an international holiday.


9. Cruise ships are engineered such that it is impossible to get seasick while you’re on board. This is excellent for people who get motion sickness quite easily. 


All in all, vacationing on a cruise ship is a dream way to experience an unforgettable experience without spending big money. With luxury at its finest, this will surely be an experience that you’ll tell everyone you meet for years to come.

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