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What exactly are they?

What exactly are they?



Chiggers, even the name sounds creepy, then what do you expect it to be? These insects are so tiny and impossible to spot with the naked eye lekin ye bada packet Chota dhamaka hai! They itch and make you go crazy. Keep on reading to find out more.  


Chiggers are the tiny little members of the arachnid family.  These tiny insects might go unnoticed since they are so small.  Chiggers attach themselves to the skin, hair follicles, or pores with their biting mouthparts.


The species can be found in many different habitats, such as dry scrubby woodlands, wet swamps, and even heavily landscaped yards. You might have heard of them by the names of Queen Anne’s Lace, red bugs, harvest lice, or harvest mites.  However, they are not harmful. They cause an itchy rash that may last for several days.  To detour Chiggers, use sulfur powder and sprinkle some on your shoes so that they don’t come near your body. Chiggers are most likely to die when the temperature reaches 42 degrees.  To get relief from the chigger bite, use ice and anti-itch medications.



Chiggers have tiny claws that help them latch onto your body. After being attached to the skin, they can pierce the skin and inject their saliva (spit), which is a digestive fluid that dissolves skin cells.  Once you come inside, make sure to take a bath with hot water and wash your clothes to eliminate any trace of chiggers.


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You can prevent chiggers by wearing full-length clothes and avoid walking in areas with tall grass. Mow your lawn frequently. Comment if you have ever suffered a chigger bite or witnessed one and what you did to combat it. 

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