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Know What Is Fishing If You Are Done With Runaway Challenge

Know What Is Fishing If You Are Done With Runaway Challenge


‘What is Fishing?’ reminds one of a famous quote that goes: ‘Give a man a fish that will feed him for a day. Teach a man fishing and you will feed him a lifetime.’


Beginning to provide you with data that at least 75% of the human population are not fully aware of, that is, ‘what is fishing’ as a whole!

Without any further delays, let us reduce that percentage by a quick yet attentive read at the following pointers:

  1. Kya Hota hai / What is Fishing?
  • Fishing as an exercise is known to all. But the question is, ‘What is fishing as a sport?’ Well, breaking down would be good.
  • “Sport” is any physical/mental activity- entertaining for individuals and requires an additional effort with a sense of competition.
  • Thus, fishing comes to be a water sport where anglers compete among themself to catch fishes of a different variety.
  1. Fishing is Dusra Naam / Fishing Is Also Known As
  • Fishing is also called Angling which states the sports of catching fish in freshwater or waterways. 
  • The sport is usually done with a rod-line, reel or Hook.
  1. Kaha Se Paida Hua / Origin Of Fishing
  • The activity originated as a means of surviving and reaping food. The books of history turn their pages in the regions of Egypt and China. 
  • The Early men used to fish with a bamboo hook where the bait would be cooked rice.
  1. Machli Pakadne Ke Yantra / Know About The Fishing Tools
  •  One of the oldest tools out there is a Gorge. It is made up of bones, wood, and stone. 
  • With the advancement in technology, the use of copper, bronze were eminent in hook making. 
  • For a century and more, fishing rods were small. It was because of the Romans that the length of this fishing pole extended.
  1. Kaise Khela Jata Hai / How Fishing Is Played? 
  • Sports fishing is a sport that can be contested both as an individual sport or a team sport. 
  • The points are allocated based on weight, variety, species of the fish. 
  • The team or the individual that scores the most points is declared the winner.
  1. Iske Bhi Roop Badalte Hain / Different Methods Of Fishing Sport
  • There are five prototypes in which this particular sport can be played. 
  • Bait Fishing, Fly fishing, trolling, Casting, and spinning. 
  • The oldest amongst the above methods is Bait Fishing.

The latest trend in the fishing sport is encouraging. The number of people playing this sport is estimated at around 40 million. (Equivalent to the population of Haryana and Delhi Combined.)

So I guess your ‘What is fishing?’ Knowledge has been expanded now.

Now, let’s “Reel”!

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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