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What is fitness?

What is fitness?


What is fitness? Is it different from staying healthy?

Probably, but indeed, both are interconnected.


A biologist might give us, the ordinary people, the definition of fitness as, “An individual who can survive and continue its lineage in some particular environment.”


This is, somewhat correct as well.


If you are someone new to the gym or a person who likes to be smart or just a fitness freak– you must know the concept and definition of the term fitness.


Let’s further explore in precise and simple terms, What is Fitness?


1. In simplest terms, Fitness is defined as the state where the human being is absolutely healthy (or fit), physically, emotionally, and mentally.

2. Staying fit reduces the risk of cancer, heart attack, cancer, diabetes, and many more, unwelcome diseases.

3. Cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength and power, flexibility, balance, speed, and stable body composition are a few known components of fitness.

4. These components decide how fast or long you are, the force that your body can generate, how flexible and quick you are, etc.

5. What you eat is more important than what you perform. Eating healthy will make you fit, increase your stamina, and will make your mind sharp with new ideas, whereas eating junk or unhealthy food can only make you fat.

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6. Meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, starch, and strictly, no sugar at all to support your exercises, and stay fit!

7. Some fitness movies to get inspired from, and stop lagging behind, and take action right here, right now, are Pumping iron, G.I. Jane and Generation Iron.

8. If you are a reader, then The 4-hour Body, Stretch to Win, and Born to Run, are a few of the books to add to your reading list.

9. Training like Steady, Long, Distance, Interval, Hill, and Flexibility/Stretching are some of the workouts for nourishing your physical self.

10. If you are a complete novice, who wants to begin taking better care of his/her body, then Jeff Seid, Shamsul Ali, Kris Gethin, and many fitness professionals have made their guides for beginners available on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

And, if you are suffering body pain, but are still not convinced enough to take care of your overall health, that too, in the times when something like Covid-19 is ablaze, then, all we can say is,

“One Day or DAY ONE, you decide.” For you can begin in quarantine, anytime!

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