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What is Mental Fitness?

What is Mental Fitness?


Are you someone who just hates exercise, hears about mental fitness but loves to stay lazy or procrastinate?

Then, perhaps, you might have wondered, if you are in depression, or how to change yourself. If you have not then you must, because, probably, it is true when it is said that,

The strength of mind is exercise, not rest– this is the mantra of staying not only mentally, but physically fit and emotionally stable.

1. Mental fitness is all about keeping your undecipherable brain healthy, to stay emotionally fit and having an optimistic approach towards life in terms of how you think, feel and act (all of which are interconnected).

2. An easy way to know whether you are mentally under-control or not is to comprehend if you can still be inclined towards your ideas, emotions and actions, despite being under-pressure or standing in opposition.

3. Multitasking is a stern no-no for mental health. Focus on one task at a time to improve your concentration and productivity.

4. Interestingly, mental robustness could be easily achieved. Exercising daily, even for half an hour, is the ultimate key for staying fit inside-out, every day and not just being mentally healthy.

5. Vision (goal), Attitude (beliefs) and Behaviour are three broad categories under which the mental fitness can be measured, examined and controlled.

6. Some of the must-reads to kickstart your understanding and control over your mental health are Effortless Mastery, Inner Game Of Tennis, and The Mental ABC’s Of Pitching.

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7. Must-watch movies to be inspired to start preparing your brain to be mastered by you are Fittest On Earth, Hoosiers, Rudy and The Karate Kid.

8. The importance of mental-fitness has been reiterated again and again to us by the depressive and often tragic episodes that many great personalities have suffered, including actors like Amitabh Bachchan, SRK, singers like Ellie Goulding, Linkin Park, Elvis Presley, and even Michael Jackson, and also authors like, Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemmingway, Virginia Woolf, and many, many more!

9. India has remained under the top 10 nations, experiencing an increase in the cases of mental disorders and depression.

To stay mentally fit then, we must step-out deliberately out of our comfortable beds, setting aside our gadgets and start talking to people to uproot depression from this world.

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