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What Is SpaceX: Is It Planning Humans To Take To Mars?

What Is SpaceX: Is It Planning Humans To Take To Mars?

What Is SpaceX

Don’t worry. We will not be reciting the plotline of Zero, but what is SpaceX planning to do shortly? Seems unreal and fake right? Well, please head on to the entire blog and begin to stride to Mars in just 3-2-1.

  1. What is SpaceX?
  • SpaceX is a Rocket Company that is founded by the techie Elon Musk. 
  • The initial plan was to take humans to Mars. Now the company has taken astronauts to orbit and broke several landmarks.
What Is SpaceX

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  1. The Journey 
  • Musk, along with his friends, went on to Russia to buy a Russian missile. 
  • A startup prodigy himself, Musk had numerous successful startups that wished to fund NASA and work together. 
  • However, his needs regarding the Missile weren’t fulfilled. This led to the opening of SpaceX.
  1. What is Falcon 9?
  • Initially, Musk had plans to make it to Mars by 2010 itself. Later, it was discovered that a single rocket took as long as 6 years to reach orbit. 
  • It made Musk send a SpaceX Falcon to Mars in 2008. It has several tendencies to take a payload unprecedentedly heavy. 
  • The rocket returned in 2015. This made SpaceX release the final version known as Block 5 Falcon 9.
missiles name, types of missile

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  1. The Flying Dragon
  • The SpaceX Dragon has been used as cargo to the international space station since May 2020. 
  • It became the first-ever commercial spaceship to send astronauts. 
  • The company also faced failures initially when the first initiative of Dragon languished in the ground test.
The Flying Dragon

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  1. Further Accomplishments
  • The attention on the company SpaceX rose when it launched a Falcon Heavy.
  • This was the most powerful rocket made by the US from Saturn 5.
What Is SpaceX, Rocket

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  1. Isn’t It Still Clear About What Is Spacex And What Are Its Plans?
  • SpaceX wants to launch more payload rockets. It would be the biggest of them all and would be called The Starship.
  • Musk believed that these big rockets would take people and transport cargo all around the solar system.
The Starship.

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  1. Assertions
  • The company’s lead engineer, Paul Wooster, claimed that the first people that are to be taken to Mars can build habitation and initial infrastructure in the spaceship itself.
Paul Wooster

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  1. High Altitude Flight
  • The first high altitude flight looks more like a rocket.
  • The flight went as high as the commercial jets and did close to a manoeuvre flip when it landed.
  • Later the flight exploded. The company expects a few high fly tests soon.
  1. Where to follow what is happening? 
  • The question like ‘What is SpaceX?’ can be answered in these articles, but if you want to follow the updates and further advancement, visit the company’ website and YouTube page. 
  • Also, to keep yourself updated, SpaceX’s Twitter handle is the best source.
What is SpaceX, Rocket launch

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