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What is Strength Training?

What is Strength Training?


Physical exercises are anaerobic mostly, made to boost the strength and endurance of a human being are also known as Strength Training. Thus, such anaerobic types of training routines are what we call as Strength Training.

The following are the points that further describe the concept of this discipline.

  1. Strength Training can be defined as the performance of bodily exercise that is designed to improve the stamina of a person.

  2. It helps in building muscle strength, muscle mass and preserving bone density.

  3. Strength workouts can also aid in reducing the chances of osteoporosis. It also combats fragility, laziness, and weakness.

  4. Maintaining muscle tissues, improved bone health, controlled body fat, decreased danger of injury, are some other benefits of this training.

  5. Training like Total Body Circuit, Push-Pull, Powerlifting, Explosive Dynamic and Muscular Isolation are some types of drills that are practised under it.

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  6. Some books to get started with strength training are The Modern Art of High-Intensity Training and New Functional Training for Sports.

  7. If you are not into written publications, then try watching some movies like Over the Top, Pumping Iron and Strongman, which are all about Strength Training.

Strength training is for all humans above the age of 5, as before that period, your bones and muscles are still soft and flexible. After that time, the body starts to get stiffer, if not trained.

Thus, strength training is also a great way to stay flexible, glow with vitality and stay young!

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