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What To Do When You Are Being Arrested?

What To Do When You Are Being Arrested?

What to do when you are being arrested

You might be regretting not reading “What to do when you are being arrested” when one day, police enter your house and try to arrest you for a crime you never committed, what will you do?

Police of every state (or nation) have a hefty responsibility on their shoulders to protect their civilians. It is the task of the police to maintain peace and order in their assigned vicinity. They have to prevent and detect crime in society for the safety of people and the law. Nonetheless, residents must be equally educated about their rights and responsibilities. So, here’s what to do when you are being arrested?

Before knowing what to do when you are being arrested, understand what is meant by “arresting a citizen”?

  • Making an arrest is somewhat similar to the practice of self-defence. Because of this resemblance, the legislation has come up with the following solution: the person arresting the citizen should use an appropriate force for making the arrest, as long as the act is on fairgrounds.
  • However, the force must be adapted to the circumstances. The person making the arrest will be considered legally responsible if s/he is using excessive force.
What to do when you are being arrested

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  • In the situation of accusation by a resident, the state allows the immediate arrest of the accused by the police officer.
  • The detention could be unlawfully ruled. One could be liable to criminal or civil consequences if one arrests the person and does not inform the authorities as soon as one can.
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Precautions must be taken into account when arresting a resident.

  • An arrest of the resident can have serious unintended effects on him/her. It can also affect those inside or near the city, unaware of the risk factors.
  • In most situations, an apprehension means either simply taking a person’s body or touching it in an attempt to apprehend them that may turn out to be aggressive. This aggression can be dangerous and potentially risky, particularly when most people are not educated about the process of being detained.
  • If one contacts the police office, he/she may intervene and deal with the offender.
  • The personal security of both the arrester and the accused can be affected if an arrest is attempted.
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  • If the perpetrator is alone and has a knife, the probability of the suspect getting transferred to the police before the arrest takes place.
  • There should be reasonable reasons for arresting the suspect.

The detention of a resident is not a joke! Itti serious undertaking hai ye jo deadly bhi sabit ho sakti hai!

In contrast to the police officer’s duties, the responsibility of private citizens to protect and maintain public order is not exercised. It is neither adequately planned to detain the convicted criminals. Therefore, when arresting a resident, one must be cautious of the consequences.

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