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When Do Babies Start Talking? The Happiness To Witness Your Little First Words

When Do Babies Start Talking? The Happiness To Witness Your Little First Words

When do babies start talking

“When do babies start talking?” is a general question in the minds of the people who recently became parents. No doubt, it is essential to know when to expect to hear your baby’s first words.

When do babies start talking? Well, let’s try to answer this:- 

1. Babies start to babble and coo, have fun with sounds before they talk in any language. The non-verbal talking of the babies begins soon after their birth.

Mother with baby

2. Babies cry, grimace, and squirm to express their physical needs and emotions, varying from time to time. It is the parent’s job to interpret it correctly and act accordingly.

3. When a baby is three months old, it listens to the parent’s voices or other people around, turns towards any sound, and starts to watch faces. Babies usually prefer a female’s voice as compared to a male’s. Finally, at the end of the third month, the baby initiates “cooing”.

three months old baby, black baby

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4. After six months, babies start making some sounds and words up like baba or dada. They would also begin to respond to their name and some terms of the language used in the household. They also try to convey their mood, happy or upset, through their tone.

2 babies

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5. After nine months, babies begin to understand the essence of a few words like bye-bye and no. Their use of tones may also broaden and could also start to use some consonant sounds.

Babies in white

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6. Babies begin to say words like dada and mama by the end of the 12th month. They have a little understanding of it. By this period, they may also start to respond to your short requests like “put that down”.

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7. By the end of 18 months, babies start to recognize people and point towards them, objects and body parts which you name. They learn more words and can also repeat them, but their pronunciation might not be perfect. For example, a dog can sound like a “daww”.

8. At the age of 2, babies also start to make phrases and convey their feelings. It demands elaborate terms and sentences. For example, bye-bye mommy or I want milk.

2 yr old

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9. In some rare cases, there are speech delays. Delay could be due to several reasons, like hearing loss (a pretty rare possibility) and voice and speech disorders.

babies start talking

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We hope that your little creature is purely healthy and you got your answer to When do babies start talking?

At last, the happiness to witness your little hooman’s first words is second to none.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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