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Who Is A Personal Trainer?

Who Is A Personal Trainer?


We all have heard about a personal trainer, but do you know what do they do? Play on some motivating workout playlist, because we are on our way to grasping all about Personal Trainers!

A personal trainer is someone who motivates, coaches and trains his clients while they are on their fitness journey. Trainers help set fitness goals, develop workout plans and diets.

  • Personal trainers are mostly healthy, fit and active. The type and style of training that each personal trainer delivers vary.

  • The role of a personal trainer is to help people pursue/maintain a healthy lifestyle, educate them about the many ways to engage in physical exercises, and also help them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

  • Personal trainers must possess a good knowledge of human anatomy; execute fitness programs that are both safe and effective. They must have a thorough understanding of concepts like cardiovascular, flexibility, resistance-exercises and maintain professional integrity.

  • There are many bachelor degrees in personal training like degree programs in exercise science, health and fitness management, exercise physiology and physical education.

  • Every degree program must include comprehensive concepts and skills like Conditioning, Kinesiology, Motor Development, Anatomy, and Physiology. It must also include coursework in business and management.

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  • Acquiring the Certificates, including American Fitness Professional and Association, American Council of Exercise, National Strength and Conditioning Association, are all a sign of professionalism.

Personal Trainers possess that magician-like quality to make even the Sloths “Get yer ya ya’s out” of the bed and start exercising!

So, if you are lacking motivation, right guidance, and knowledge but still desire to be the fittest, then do not think anymore and start finding a personal trainer!

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